Monday, May 11, 2015


The day was finally here! On April 18th, we got all the kids baptized!

 This was something that was important to both of us and we had wanted to do for a long time.  Things happen as they should, and it was actually very special to have one ceremony for all our children.  Equally as special to have a lifelong family friend, Deacon Greg Yeager, do the service for us.  

This little chapel in the photo below used to be on Hwy 88 in Lockeford; I saw it everyday growing up. 9/16/2006 Mike and I were married outdoors in front of family and friends.  Then on 11/11/2006 we also had a small ceremony in this very chapel.  It was later moved from Hwy 88, to its current location in Lockeford, on the property of the new St Joachim Church.  
Point being, it was very special to us to have the baptism in the same little chapel.

Giada and Gino are both old enough now to have an understanding of what was going to happen at the baptism, and the reason for it.  However, any event with children can go a number of ways; this one went remarkably smooth. Thank you to our family and God Parents who celebrated the day with us!

Giada enjoyed ringing the bell to signify something special had happened at the church that morning.

Family! We always feel so fortunate to have both families living in town who we see almost daily!

Our photographers were taking selfies; what a fun find as I was looking through the photos.

 Kim Duke's cupcakes are always so delicious, she can handle a request big or small!

 This guy and his crazy hair!