Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch, Santa Cruz, Cole, Stella, D turns 5, & More

Harvest has begun, so this is what we have on the brain!

Some years the kids and I end up on many pumpkin patch adventures. This year they went to Fog Willow with nana, and our annual trip to Phillips with the Zuluetas. It was a crazier than normal October for us. The kids still fit in the wheelbarrow, but not for long!
Giada loves Raggedy Anne and was so excited to see her there.

 We got to babysit Cole!  Sorry Scott, he gets girly things when he is here. Kids thought he needed to hang with Minnie! Stella stopped by to meet him too.

 First of all GO GIANTS.  Unfortunately Scott is an A's fan. So Cole may have to be one of those kids with the half A's/Giants hats, but I will continue to work on that!! For now, a playoff game is fun regardless. off they went. 

  Happy Birthday D! 

 Hard to believe the weather has still been so warm and beautiful all of October!

We knew harvest was quickly approaching and we had one free weekend, so off to Santa Cruz for the day we went.  We had a blast. The kids were both tall enough for tons of rides. We must have done the log ride 7x. They wanted to go over and over. Gino kept saying "fun, again" after we got off. 
 More to post but I am being lazy. Enough for now...until next time.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Matt's Dirty 30, Silva & Meyer Wedding's & More Kiddo Pics

Well we have come a long way since this day. Matt turns 30! Happy birthday brother! xo
 Steph used the Dirty 30 theme, and came up with cute decor as usual!
 Great job on the ribs Matt and Brian; spicy and delicious!!
 Last weekend was crazy. 2 weddings and an oil event we catered for 150 people. All were lots of fun!
First up the Silva wedding. Steve and Mike met in SLO. It was great to catch back up with some Cal Poly friends. Alyssa looked beautiful, and the setting of this place was amazing. Fairfax is a darling little town! Congratulations to you both!

Waiting patiently for his bride

 Lange Twins - thank you for having us! All appetizers were made with our flavored oils, and we did a tasting as well. The new Press Room is beautiful!
While we were at the event. Nicole took Aubrey and Giada to the princess party. Cinderella told them they can come visit her anytime at her house in Disneyland. Giada has the itch for sure! Happy Birthday Gianna! Nicole thank you again!

I forgot to post these but before the wedding we had a little girls night out.  It was good times, but I was NOT feeling well the next morning.... but it's always worth it at the time right!?!?

As if this weekend wasn't bad enough I told Tbird I would run with her...didn't know her plan was 12 miles!! But she helped push the stroller every other mile so that was great. The kids were good and lasted 2 hours in there, but needed some breaks the last couple miles.
 Next up Meyer wedding. Congratulations to Bre, Scott & Cain. A beautiful day to celebrate with family and friends.


Glad I signed up for the mini sessions so I get photos all year. Thanks again Steph! Gino was obsessed with stacking all the blocks and jumping off them!

 Thanks pops for the news Dress Up area!

 Cousin Love!

I don't usually buy these costume pictures they take in the beginning of the school year but these I just couldn't pass up!

Dove went full circle in our house. If you are going to hunt, you had better eat it. The kids LOVED it!