Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last 2 weekends, and something I forgot to do...

Forgot to post G's 1 year stats!
Here are a couple pics, I thought it would be cute to take of her in her bday outfit holding a 1 - but she didn't cooperate, but had fun playing with her ball instead, and throwing the 1 down of course!

-weight (can't find doc at this late hour....I'll post later)
-height (same here)
-sleeping through the night!!! 7ish -6ish...I'll take it after a year of waking up every couple hours. She is great at taking naps now too. 1-2 a day depending on length. When she is tired I can just lay her down with Mr. Monkey and she is out. Finally! :)
-we have a climber! She climbs on everything! Rocking chair, couch, chairs, fireplace, any box in sight, the bench-then to the bed, and if she cant get to something she brings something over to stand on to get to it....yikes...thought only boys did that!

-4 teeth on top and bottom
-Good eater overall- willing to try most anything, prefers fruit. Loves blueberries, bananas, pears, clementines!
-LOVES being outdoors, and birds. She is obsessed with pointing out birds.
-Loves playing with pets, loves Sydney and Max, and my parents kitten "KittyBob" (I'm not sure KittyBob feels the same way)
-Says Dada, Momma(although usually points to herself since she has watched me do that soo many times- oops), baby, ball and a few others. Some people(Nana and Pops) claim she has said many other words but I've yet to hear them.
-Loves using the toothbrush to chew on when we are brushing out teeth
-Enjoys bathtime
-Loves being chased and thinks it's SO funny.
-Enjoys having books read to her, she will bring them over to you to read as well as look through many on her own.
-Enjoys playing with herself for longer periods of time now.
Overall very happy, and laughs alot- we are very lucky!

Last weekend we spent Sunday in Roseville wedding dress shopping with Steph. She looked beautiful in them all! Can't wait to see what she chooses. My mom and I were excited to join in the fun and had a nice day getting to know her girlfriends. Can't wait for more wedding events! Good thing we love Steph because in some ways it's hard to swallow that your little brother is getting married!!!

Lunch break- Cocktails!

Monika Avansino Baby Shower
Chocolate and Brown was the theme. Tables decorated with Moni's old clothes. Too cute, and her mom kept them all! Delicious food and good company. We cant wait to meet "Rena"

This weekend it was rainy! So instead of going to the zoo we went out to the ranch to check the cattle and play in the rain. Not sure who had more fun - Giada in the rain with dads hat, Sydney running around with the cattle and playing in the lake, or us watching them both have the best time. Fun day!

Look a bird!
What?? Im not supposed to eat Sydney's food? But I gave her my milk!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Forgot some photos...

Not sure how I could forget our visit with the Deans!
Great quick visit with Eric, Adj and Cianna.

Playing with Cianna...teaching her everything she needs to know about Blue Moon

The girls playing in the morning - Giada was all about the hugging and Cianna was a good sport!

Overdue update! Baby Jared, Crab-feed, Wine&Chocolate

Baby Jared- I'm so sorry Its taken so long for your debut. I thought I had already done it!
Jared Brian Zulueta Jr. was born on 1.19.2010
Marla and Jared couldn't be happier with their little baby. He had a rough go in the beginning, but now is home- happy and healthy!

Proud Parents

Proud Aunties

Since I took so long- we better show a new photo - cant believe he is one month already. He looks like a little boy not a baby! Darling!

It's one of my favorite times of the year. Crab Feed season! Yummy. Photos from one of the many we attended. Last crab season I had a big ol' belly and could only eat a limited amount- I made up for it this year!

See Kyla- you did make the blog! ;)

This year to celebrate Hilders 30th - also known as the 29/1 party- as well as Valentine's Day we all headed out to the Wine and Chocolate Event. Good times had by all!

Birthday Girl

Jessies Grove - Linds and I with the birthday girl

Hilder and her beautiful mama. Kerry thanks for driving and the BBQ!
Last stop- Van Ruiten

Who me?? I'm not drunk!
Hilder- thats ALOT of candles
Blow Hilder!

Last but not least- Giadas haircut, bang trim. She was NOT a good client. I had her on my lap while Steph tried to trim, taking photos was tough. It was long and getting in her eyes, but lookin good now! -


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun in the swing!

Playing in my new swing!

Snack time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giada Turns 1!

Amazing to think one year ago we were at Lodi Memorial and hadn't even shared the name with everyone. Now one year later we have all these wonderful memories of watching our daughter grow. Not that she will remember but we had some birthday celebrations a couple weeks ago. She got the hang of this cake thing!

This was on her actual birthday, just rolling around being silly!

Family Party
Working on opening gifts - she looks so serious!
Uncle Matt helping me test out one of her new jeeps!
Loved this card! Chicken Dance- look at her go!
Trying to take a family pic.....wasnt going well :)
Cupcake time.....

Party #2
Decor and Yummy Food!
Playing outside at the party
Dads masterpiece before the frosting- the colors really were bright. We all loved the cake- might be a new family tradition!
Here we go again.... and Im still not quite sure about the singing or the candle.
Okay...Ill poke at it....
Yummy...this stuff tastes good...
Well now that you cut it open and I can see all the pretty colors....I can really play with it!

End result