Monday, February 22, 2010

Overdue update! Baby Jared, Crab-feed, Wine&Chocolate

Baby Jared- I'm so sorry Its taken so long for your debut. I thought I had already done it!
Jared Brian Zulueta Jr. was born on 1.19.2010
Marla and Jared couldn't be happier with their little baby. He had a rough go in the beginning, but now is home- happy and healthy!

Proud Parents

Proud Aunties

Since I took so long- we better show a new photo - cant believe he is one month already. He looks like a little boy not a baby! Darling!

It's one of my favorite times of the year. Crab Feed season! Yummy. Photos from one of the many we attended. Last crab season I had a big ol' belly and could only eat a limited amount- I made up for it this year!

See Kyla- you did make the blog! ;)

This year to celebrate Hilders 30th - also known as the 29/1 party- as well as Valentine's Day we all headed out to the Wine and Chocolate Event. Good times had by all!

Birthday Girl

Jessies Grove - Linds and I with the birthday girl

Hilder and her beautiful mama. Kerry thanks for driving and the BBQ!
Last stop- Van Ruiten

Who me?? I'm not drunk!
Hilder- thats ALOT of candles
Blow Hilder!

Last but not least- Giadas haircut, bang trim. She was NOT a good client. I had her on my lap while Steph tried to trim, taking photos was tough. It was long and getting in her eyes, but lookin good now! -


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