Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giada Turns 1!

Amazing to think one year ago we were at Lodi Memorial and hadn't even shared the name with everyone. Now one year later we have all these wonderful memories of watching our daughter grow. Not that she will remember but we had some birthday celebrations a couple weeks ago. She got the hang of this cake thing!

This was on her actual birthday, just rolling around being silly!

Family Party
Working on opening gifts - she looks so serious!
Uncle Matt helping me test out one of her new jeeps!
Loved this card! Chicken Dance- look at her go!
Trying to take a family pic.....wasnt going well :)
Cupcake time.....

Party #2
Decor and Yummy Food!
Playing outside at the party
Dads masterpiece before the frosting- the colors really were bright. We all loved the cake- might be a new family tradition!
Here we go again.... and Im still not quite sure about the singing or the candle.
Okay...Ill poke at it....
Yummy...this stuff tastes good...
Well now that you cut it open and I can see all the pretty colors....I can really play with it!

End result


Sara Parr said...

Great pics! Congratulations. Looks like a perfect weekend!

Dean Family said...

Looks like the parties were a sucess and that Giada had a fantastic 1st Birthday. Love all of the pics and videos..good job with the cake Giada!

Papalii Family said...

shes beautiful!! the party was a hit!! you did good mom!! love the pictures!! xoxo!