Sunday, January 17, 2010

Giada - a year at a glance

Well as hard as it is to believe, this time last year I was ready to have this baby girl! Since her birthday is on Friday and there will most likely be birthday photos to post next week, I thought I'd do a year at a glance of photos. Amazing how much she has changed. We cannot imagine our lives without our little girl. I thought the block idea was really cute, but as you will see some months worked out better than others, some I had to switch to paper and some I had professional photos was a good idea, just poorly executed on my part.

Funny seeing her day to day you forget how much she has changed.
Enjoy all the pics below!

Giada Michela Coldani 1.22.09 - 7lbs. 11oz. 20in.
1 month
2 months

3 months professional photos

4 months
5 months

6 month professional photos
7 months

8 months

9 month professional photos
10 month photos
11 months


Dean Family said...

So crazy! She has grown into such a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday week Giada!

Name: Josh and Amy said...

So cute, Julie! At 1 year she looks alot like she did when she was born (same gorgeous eyes!).