Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years!

Happy New Year!

This year we decided to stay local and party it up with some friends. Surprisingly a good size group we were able to come up with at the last minute. We ended up having a delicious dinner, cocktails and Rock Band....for sure the makings of a good night. Giada took a nap for a couple hours which was nice that we could ring in the New Years with friends, then she decided she and Dylan both decided they felt left out and wanted to join the party for a couple hours. We all had a late night, up until almost 4! Had my first shot of Petron since before I was pregnant, can't say it went down easy, but it went down. Thanks again mom for picking us up!! :)

Thanks Dylan for sharing your toys!

The Girls

The Boys

Cute Butts! (Midnight -3am playtime :)

Josh and Chayse

KR and Jason

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