Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Post (Sorry for the delay)!

Giada's first christmas!
Family Photo @ Dinner

Definitely fun for everyone to have Giada here this Christmas. I thought she would want to dig into the paper and ribbon more than she did, but often there were a lot of distractions and she just wanted to play with the toys or chase around and torment Gina's dog Annie. And of course she was spoiled rotten by all her loved ones.

Christmas Morning, Giada is not sure what to think!
Mike and I decided to get Giada a present without telling eachother what we were getting, it was fun to be surprised. But, Mike saw the name on my present(the box said Radio Flyer all over it) so the cat was out of the bag on mine....turned out good for me - now he could help me put it together! I don't think she can appreciate the wagon too much yet, but it will be fun for the future. Matt lives so close we take rides down to his house in it.

Loved looking at the lights on the tree.
Testing out the new ride.

Chillin in my ride down the street!

Mikes gift was much more creative, he got her a lifesize Sydney. She loves it and goes up and hugs it. We arent too sure what Sydney thinks about it.

What the heck is this thing?? And why do you keep calling my name and taking photos???

Everyone was so thoughtful and generous with their gifts. Below is a sampling ....

Loves her zebra from Nonna and Nonno - its the perfect size she can get off and on herself.

Ball-pit from Uncle Matt and Aunt Steph - of course they got the additional 250 balls!! It took her about a minute to realize she could throw the balls out of the pit, and about 1 more minute to realize she can throw multiple balls at once!! Fun Fun!

Now anything doubles as a ball pit to throw things out of! It's okay maybe all running around will help me get rid of the rest of my baby weight!! ;)


shivelys said...

OMG- Who needs McDondalds playland? You have Coldani playland!

Dean Family said...

Looks like Giada is all set for awhile- how fun!! She is looking so grown up.

Mettler's said...

It took me all of naptime (3 hours) with a lot of cussing and frustration to get that wagon put together! I wish I'd just waited till Adam got home from work- it would've taken him a half hour! I love the lifesize Sydney- that is hilarious! And the family pics are adorable!