Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We have a walker!

Well there are a few things for this post!

Giada is walking! The last few days of the year she was working hard at it...taking 5-8 steps at a time, then on New Years day she was off. Below are a couple clips. The first one from when she first got the hang of it and the second one from today, she can move quickly now!!

Giada is in a big girl seat now. She likes it better, but still doesnt like being strapped in....but you can look back at her, talk to her and make her laugh...which is fun.

Giada has been under the weather for about a week, but she is finally on the mend. The other morning while she was eating breakfast she was laughing and having a good time, then I looked away for a second and she was putting food in her hair!!! Now she wants to do this ALL the time.....humm...I think we have a problem here :) Funny none the less.
Pancakes anyone?

And the 11 month photos I never posted. The blocks no longer worked for us...so we resort to using whatever we can...this month paper in the new wagon...so as you can tell it wasnt actually on the 22nd when I took them. :)
This month Ive come a long way.
- Sleeping through the night!!! FINALLY. She wakes up a few times but puts herself back to sleep within a couple minutes. Now its training my body to NOT wake up. I have to think its great for her too!
-Nursing only morning and night at this point and about to drop the morning one, and probably TMI, but I think Im drying up a bit on one side so it may stop for itself
-Will NOT take a bottle from anyone, so sippy cup is our friend
-Drinking whole milk now, isnt so sure about it just yet.
-Started chewing on her crib, so we had to put some stuff on there, must feel good on the teeth.
- Speaking of teeth 4 up top and almost 3 on the bottom.
-As I said earlier, big girl car seat
-Babbles a TON, says dada, seems to understand some words..."monkey" "cup" "kitty" - when we tell her to go get certain things she "gets" it.
-Loves playing with her pets, both are pretty patient, Max scratched her the other day, but thats bound to happen!
-Hair is super long, curly and thick
-Loves her baths, we got rid of the bath seat
-Loves imitating sounds that we make
-Loves making this "ahhh" sound after every time she drinks from a cup, its pretty funny
-Loves her monkey! We are on the look out for a back-up.
-Thats all mom can think of right now.

Every once in awhile Syd and Max sleep together, last night they were so cute all cuddled up, it still cracks me up that the dog and cat are friends. This is an old pic I keep meaning to post. One day I ran into my dad at the grocery store....next thing I know Giada has an inflatable balloon and gets to rid on the conveyor belt!!!