Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rice Cereal, Swimming in a Big Pool, Jaime & Zac Visit

This week was busy as usual. I guess I can stop saying that because we are busy every week especially in the summer!

This week I tried Giada on the rice cereal. She seemed excited at first to try something new, but then didnt like it so much. She took a couple bites and then spits the rest out. We'll keep trying hopefully she will start to like it. Either way fun to hit a new milestone and try something new.

Hummm....Im not so sure about this stuff!

Mike turned 30 this week so we had a few celebrations throughout the week, as well as a bbq with some local friends this weekend. Jaime and Zac were in town to visit, it was so great to see them and catch up!!! We went swimming when they got here on Friday. It's been 100 plus this weekend so it was nice to get in the pool. I tried her in this baby swim contraption and she loved it. So nice to be able to be in the pool with her and not sitting in some kid pool on the lawn. :) Clearly I need to work on my tan so that was nice as well!

Cute photo minus moms tan lines and her messed up bangs...Auntie Jaime, why didnt you tell mom to fix her hair :)

Playing with mom is so much fun!

Jaime-great to see you thanks for making the trip up! See you in Yosemite in a few weeks!
I love my auntie Hilder but she may be losing her title of "Baby Whisperer" to Mel Wats!

Tomorrow we are headed to Oregon to visit my mom's youngest brother and family. 8 hour ride in the car with the kid who screams in the car....should be interesting, Ill update you all next week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 Posts - 1 week - Congrats Dub and JJ

1 week 2 posts....something I never do! But I finally got sent the wedding photos from this weekend. Good times, great to catch up with all the girls. Good music, yummy food.
Thanks Dub!

Giada finally gets to meet Blake!

Giada attends her first wedding. Aaron and I took care of the kids walking them around in the back during the ceremony to keep them quiet. Mission Accomplished! As long as we didnt get them too close to eachother...then they would want to talk.

Congratulations Dub and JJ!
Carrie and I and our little ones!

The softball girls with the happy couple!
First Dance

Until next week.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding, Birthday, Fathers Day and Video...

This week my mom carted me around everywhere!
She had to work a lot this week so I spent some time with nana and nonna, which is always fun. They take me on walks, let me play in my jumper and do lots of things to make me laugh and smile.

We were busy working on projects this week for Father's Day and Dad's birthday.
(Tomorrow he is turning 30) Thanks for the idea and photography Nicole!

We helped the Kerns take some family photos with photographer KR Gramm. Mom was jumping around like a clown for a couple of hours trying to make Dylan laugh. Finally peek-a-boo worked, and I was entertained the whole time too. Dylan didnt think all moms songs were funny like I do! The photos turned out great!

Dylan, Kristen, Mom and Me!
Dad left on Thursday to go to a bachelor party, we missed him while he was gone but we sure were busy. We went with Chayse to the feed store. Farmers Market Thursday night, Surprise Party for John Pearl Friday night, visiting with Nessa and Dub's wedding Saturday night. This was my first wedding. It was fun to meet all my softball aunties and to meet Blake(Dylan has competition now). Everyone else had their camera and took a ton of photos so as soon as they send them Ill post them, but they are slacking! Congratulations Dub and JJ.

Chayse and her chick

Sunday was a busy day too! Breakfast with pops in the morning, visit from the Jackie and Chris on their way through town, visit with nonna and nonno in the afternoon and then made dinner for dad that night!

3 Generations with dad and nonno

3 Generations with mom and pops

Mom also keeps taking these videos of me with her new iphone. She thinks Ill perform for her because she can get her phone quicker than the video you can see its still not working! When Im rolling sometimes I get that one darn arm stuck and it takes me awhile to get over - so I give up on that side and go the other way!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthdays, Twins Game and Much More

Sorry (Lauren and Lindsay) for the delayed post the last few weeks have BUSY.
We are typically very busy people on weekends, but these past few weeks we have had something every night too....and I'm finally getting tired! I need a nap today but that doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon.

Giada has had a lot of time with Nana and Nonna lately, when we have been on all these outings and I've had to work a lot this week too...which is good and bad I guess. I do miss her when I am gone all day.
Last week we also had girls birthday dinner. Celebrating for Nicole and Linny, they spun the Mikuni wheel and came home with pint glasses and shot glasses...not a bad gift!

I didn't know how Sydney would react when Giada arrived. All has been well until now....Sydney has stolen a different toy of Giadas each night! And she is acting really strange...hope its just a phase. I got Syd a new bed, bone and toy to spoil her a bit. She hasn't left her bed yet...hope it worked.

This Sunday we went to visit the birthday girl!

Giada has been changing so quickly. She now rolls over easily - we have to get used to keeping a closer eye on her. She talks up a storm throughout the day and smiles at everything. I try to remember that adorable smile at night when she is waking up every 1-2 hours. :) Doc said she can try rice cereal this week, so tomorrow is the day, hope it helps her sleep better! She is pushing her arms up and working on that army crawl. Her other new thing is grabbing your cheeks (and pinching them real hard) and planting a big open mouthed slobber kiss on you! And she is also laughing a lot more which is so funny, it's almost like she doesn't realize it's coming from her.

Mikes big 3-0 is quickly approaching so I got him Twin's tickets early as they were playing the A's last week. I drove the boys to the game and we had a great time. As a Giant's fan I'm always happy to see the A's get their butt kicked, and happy the Twin's won, they never win when we go to the games and you sure get yelled at by all the A's fans. So it was nice to return the favor this time!

Mike was watching her while I ran errands....and it looks like he got her started on one of his favorite hobbies!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Week!!

This week has been super busy.
Started off last weekend with another baby shower. Nikole Luiz is having a little boy beginning of July. The shower was darling, blue camo. While I was there I got to hang out with auntie Hilder. Kerry has diaper cake and shower photos, but even I know we will never see those!

Later in the week we had dinner with the Kernals, Diehls and Gramms. We tried for bowling too but its a popular place on a Tuesday...who knew? I was looking forward to my first bowling game! Our first group photo of many, I seem to be hanging out with Dylan and Peyton a lot!

Wednesday we were celebrating Nicole's Bday, here is the before and after....took Nicole 2 tries to get all the candles out...she must be getting old! :)
I love to play with my friend Dylan

Thursday was my first Farmers Market too. We were out there selling our Calivirign Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Check it out at

Friday we got to spend with the Filices! It was my first time meeting them. Bailey and I had a great time playing she would give me lots of hugs and kiss my head. Auntie Lisa's belly is getting big I can't wait to meet Tate!

This week I started grabing everything in sight, so becareful if you are holding me I might put my hand in your dinner! I love playing with my feet, especially during diaper changes. I love to read the paper with dad too. AND this week I learned to roll over. Mom missed it two times, but she knows I did it because I was on my back again when she came back in the room. I havent done it in a few days, but I'll keep working on it.