Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthdays, Twins Game and Much More

Sorry (Lauren and Lindsay) for the delayed post the last few weeks have BUSY.
We are typically very busy people on weekends, but these past few weeks we have had something every night too....and I'm finally getting tired! I need a nap today but that doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon.

Giada has had a lot of time with Nana and Nonna lately, when we have been on all these outings and I've had to work a lot this week too...which is good and bad I guess. I do miss her when I am gone all day.
Last week we also had girls birthday dinner. Celebrating for Nicole and Linny, they spun the Mikuni wheel and came home with pint glasses and shot glasses...not a bad gift!

I didn't know how Sydney would react when Giada arrived. All has been well until now....Sydney has stolen a different toy of Giadas each night! And she is acting really strange...hope its just a phase. I got Syd a new bed, bone and toy to spoil her a bit. She hasn't left her bed yet...hope it worked.

This Sunday we went to visit the birthday girl!

Giada has been changing so quickly. She now rolls over easily - we have to get used to keeping a closer eye on her. She talks up a storm throughout the day and smiles at everything. I try to remember that adorable smile at night when she is waking up every 1-2 hours. :) Doc said she can try rice cereal this week, so tomorrow is the day, hope it helps her sleep better! She is pushing her arms up and working on that army crawl. Her other new thing is grabbing your cheeks (and pinching them real hard) and planting a big open mouthed slobber kiss on you! And she is also laughing a lot more which is so funny, it's almost like she doesn't realize it's coming from her.

Mikes big 3-0 is quickly approaching so I got him Twin's tickets early as they were playing the A's last week. I drove the boys to the game and we had a great time. As a Giant's fan I'm always happy to see the A's get their butt kicked, and happy the Twin's won, they never win when we go to the games and you sure get yelled at by all the A's fans. So it was nice to return the favor this time!

Mike was watching her while I ran errands....and it looks like he got her started on one of his favorite hobbies!!