Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding, Birthday, Fathers Day and Video...

This week my mom carted me around everywhere!
She had to work a lot this week so I spent some time with nana and nonna, which is always fun. They take me on walks, let me play in my jumper and do lots of things to make me laugh and smile.

We were busy working on projects this week for Father's Day and Dad's birthday.
(Tomorrow he is turning 30) Thanks for the idea and photography Nicole!

We helped the Kerns take some family photos with photographer KR Gramm. Mom was jumping around like a clown for a couple of hours trying to make Dylan laugh. Finally peek-a-boo worked, and I was entertained the whole time too. Dylan didnt think all moms songs were funny like I do! The photos turned out great!

Dylan, Kristen, Mom and Me!
Dad left on Thursday to go to a bachelor party, we missed him while he was gone but we sure were busy. We went with Chayse to the feed store. Farmers Market Thursday night, Surprise Party for John Pearl Friday night, visiting with Nessa and Dub's wedding Saturday night. This was my first wedding. It was fun to meet all my softball aunties and to meet Blake(Dylan has competition now). Everyone else had their camera and took a ton of photos so as soon as they send them Ill post them, but they are slacking! Congratulations Dub and JJ.

Chayse and her chick

Sunday was a busy day too! Breakfast with pops in the morning, visit from the Jackie and Chris on their way through town, visit with nonna and nonno in the afternoon and then made dinner for dad that night!

3 Generations with dad and nonno

3 Generations with mom and pops

Mom also keeps taking these videos of me with her new iphone. She thinks Ill perform for her because she can get her phone quicker than the video you can see its still not working! When Im rolling sometimes I get that one darn arm stuck and it takes me awhile to get over - so I give up on that side and go the other way!


Julie Cannon said...

love it all...think little g might be growing up a bit to fast though!!! happy father's day to mike!

Dean Family said...

I love all of the pics and the videos are great. Cianna is really looking forward to meeting Giada next month!

shivelys said...

Great rolling Giada!