Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rice Cereal, Swimming in a Big Pool, Jaime & Zac Visit

This week was busy as usual. I guess I can stop saying that because we are busy every week especially in the summer!

This week I tried Giada on the rice cereal. She seemed excited at first to try something new, but then didnt like it so much. She took a couple bites and then spits the rest out. We'll keep trying hopefully she will start to like it. Either way fun to hit a new milestone and try something new.

Hummm....Im not so sure about this stuff!

Mike turned 30 this week so we had a few celebrations throughout the week, as well as a bbq with some local friends this weekend. Jaime and Zac were in town to visit, it was so great to see them and catch up!!! We went swimming when they got here on Friday. It's been 100 plus this weekend so it was nice to get in the pool. I tried her in this baby swim contraption and she loved it. So nice to be able to be in the pool with her and not sitting in some kid pool on the lawn. :) Clearly I need to work on my tan so that was nice as well!

Cute photo minus moms tan lines and her messed up bangs...Auntie Jaime, why didnt you tell mom to fix her hair :)

Playing with mom is so much fun!

Jaime-great to see you thanks for making the trip up! See you in Yosemite in a few weeks!
I love my auntie Hilder but she may be losing her title of "Baby Whisperer" to Mel Wats!

Tomorrow we are headed to Oregon to visit my mom's youngest brother and family. 8 hour ride in the car with the kid who screams in the car....should be interesting, Ill update you all next week!

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Anonymous said...

What? Are you crazy girl. Always a brave one. Have a great trip.