Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Activities!

This week it was nice to visit with family and friends, we have so much to be thankful for! It was also nice to wrap up harvest and these Harvest Festivals. The 12+ hour days at these shows were getting to be too much for all of us! We will re-evaluate which shows to book next year! But you never know unless you try right???

Wednesday night my mom has been doing Thanksgiving for the past few years. It's nice to only have to go one place/day. Mike had to miss out because of harvest, it wasn't the same without him! Our attempt at a family pic is tough with 2 kids and my dads talking!!
Lately for photos we are getting weird faces or winking!!

Every year we do the 'Run for the Hungry' Thanksgiving 5/10K. Every year different people come, but usually KR, Linds, Gelbart and I are there. This year Trent, Scott, Gino and Giada joined us. Giada even did the kids run. She had fun, was a long one for her age...then both kids camped out in the stroller while I did the 5K with Linds and KR. The other 3 did the 10K! Good luck this weekend at the CIM boys! It did start to drizzle but not towards the end of the run, I did NOT feel like going that morning but was so glad I did. Fun tradition.

Proud of her finishers ribbon!

Then our 2nd Thanksgiving meal at the Coldani's on Thursday. Such yummy food at both places - this is my favorite meal!!

Playing in the olives! (Wink eye!!)
Gino comes with us to the oil shows- lucky for us he is a good sport, we make him a little spot and he's all set! This will only work until he is mobile....this week he started rolling over!!

People say all kinds of things to us at these festivals...a few I have to share. They always comment on Gino, a few call him a girl, and as I was discreetly feeding him, with the hooter hider covering everything someone asked if I had a dog under there....a dog!!!! really?? What is wrong with some people. I realize some people have small dogs and take them everywhere but c'mon you can see the baby feet hanging out!!!

People try to teach you about the oils, tell you what is in them ...we've heard it all. But one favorite from the weekend was "Don't take this personal, but I don't like any of them" I laughed and said, "well everyone has a different paleae" It's entertaining that's for sure!

While we were away Giada went on some adventures with nana...
and Mya...
A visit to Grandma Carols always includes petting and feeding the horses!

Found my feet!
My sister can make me laugh!

- Found his feet
- Rolling over now. He always stuck on one arm, once he did it this weekend now he never stays in one place. It is fun to see him moving around.
-He is sleeping in his crib now. Twice he slept a 4 hour chunk of time, granted it was when I was still up...but progress right???
-Laughing a ton as you could see above

- She will draw something or make something with her food/toys and you have to guess the shape. Sometimes it's very difficult to tell! If you happen to get it she is so excited "Good job mom!"
-We were watching Toy Story 3 and she tells me "Ken sure likes that Barbie!"
-Potty Training is ongoing and not easy in our household. But the other day she went to the bathroom on the floor and said " It's ok, it happens, I'll clean it up!" lol that girl! We will get it one day...I hope it's one day soon!!!
- We saw a lady with gray hair and she YELLS out " Mom look that lady has white hair!" The lady looks at me and I just smiled.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here it is....

Forgot to post this one last week too from our BW Photography photo shoot!

This week flew by, as does every week. We are in full swing of harvest, so Mike is very busy. I shouldn't complain as our harvest is only a few weeks compared to the months long grape harvest! This past weekend we also had another oil harvest festival. These are long 4 day events.....only 1 more to go, we will all be happy when those are finished up!!

Only took a few pics this they are, including Gino's 4 month update, and a funny thing that a certain 3yr old said this week!

Gino is a big boy now - playing with toys for longer periods of time.

Now like most kids...they have their grandparents wrapped around their fingers...Giada is no different with her pops. She said the beard was off it came!

Oh the double BOB...anyone who knows me well, knows I despise strollers and avoid them at all costs!! So the double BOB seems extra huge to me, but necessary - I realize! Well I have only ran a few times with it, so I signed up for a Thanksgiving 5K and the Shamrockin Half Marathon in try and inspire myself to run. Since it gets dark at 4:30 these days I can't wait for Mike to get him and run off we go! The first time out all these funny things happened I forgot to share. First off, I was a few blocks away and realized I didn't have a sports bra on but rather a nursing tank top....for those of you unfamiliar...that means ZERO support. But, I was too lazy to go back and decided to tough it out, it was only 2 miles I was going to attempt to run. Then I realize I'm the girl I make fun of running with her hair down! I had forgotten a hair tie. I tried to persuade Giada to let me take her hair down to use hers....and that was going no where. So now I'm the girl running un- supported on top and hair flowing in the wind! And as if things were already not going well Giada requested "her music" - I was playing it on speaker so we could all hear....and let me tell you running to the Toddler station on Pandora is NOT motivating. Well the run was not going well, I realized I was more out of shape than I had hoped, so about a mile in I was going to stop for a minute to grab a drink of I did Giada says "Mom, why aren't you running" and Gino started crying. So off I ran. I did make it the 2 miles and haven't given up on the double BOB...BUT...when I ran the other day and they both fell was a nice peaceful run! :)
Playing around after bath!
The good ol monthly pics....they have already started to get challenging..... they all go downhill from here once he starts squirming around!!

Gino 4 Month Stats
- 14lbs 9.5 oz (43%)
- 25.6" (71%)
- Everyone says he looks so big, but actually he isn't so large on the charts, but growing that's for sure
- Still wakes up a TON at night, which we are working on!!
-Drooling a ton, but no teeth yet

-She is saying things such as "The most ridiculous thing I ever seen!" She doesn't say ridiculous very clear so its even funnier
- Potty Training :(

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LONG Post - AZ wedding, Aubrey turns 1, Newborn Pics & Giadaisms

This weekend Gino, my mom and I headed to Arizona to Sean and Jessica's wedding. Gino got his first plane ride...terrible pic below but he was great. Slept both ways and was a great traveler! It was a beautiful wedding, and a fun weekend traveling with my mom, Linds, and Terri!
Giada enjoyed a few hours with Seve while we headed off to the airport.
Yummy Cupcakes and group nap!

Arizona evening
Our moms and Fran!
Enjoyed the weekend catching up with Linds! xo
Josh and Ryan held their own on the dance floor!
Lovely Ladies!
Bruno was so cute with Gino!
Sum and her pops took a break from the dance floor to pose for my photo!
Congratulations Sean and Jessica Slawson!! -so happy we could be there to celebrate!
Right when we got back we headed to Aubrey's 1st birthday party. I can't believe she is a year old already, I remember waiting for her arrival entertaining D at the hospital. What a wonderful lady bug party it was - Great job Nicole!!

Gino spent a long time with his auntie that night. The girls enjoy his calm demeanour ...a little different than his sister was!
Gino was peacefully laying on the floor playing...Giada soon, joined him under the blanket and made room for D!

Lately Giada has been seeing this picture and thinks it is me holding Gino and asked me why it was in her room - she thinks most baby pictures now are Gino.

This picture is of Giada about the same age as Gino...they look pretty similar don't you think??

Giada and Gino are both growing up so quickly! Look at this smiley guy!
I never got a chance to post these pics we took when Gino was a new little guy. We took them with Bre at BW photography. We kept having to cancel the appt due to Gino's little trip to Oakland in the first few these were about 5 weeks old. There is a reason you take them in the first or second week when the baby is sleeping!! It was more challenging at this age and took us forever to get him asleep.
We took some out at the ranch as well!
Our new family of 4!
-Still enjoys time by himself playing around
- Found his feet and loves to grab them
- Enjoys grabbing and playing with toys
- Starting to laugh, we have yet to get it on video yet
-Good eater, bad sleeper - he is moving to his crib this week! Hope it helps!!
-He has one dimple like me :)
- His eyes are still super blue

- She is definitely 2 and reminds you of that throughout the day!! She definitely wants to do things her own way, but then will say the sweetest thing and you forget she was just being so challenging!! They have us hooked at such a young age! :)
-Potty training is STILL in progress. I think I make progress and then step back :(
-Have had a few days without nap....but then she can't make it to the end of the night, nor am I ready to give them up. She still goes to bed late 10ish and gets up 6ish! Apparently my kids need little sleep.

-One day she gets up from her nap...."you're the best mom ever, Gino you're the best brother ever!"
-Lately if Gino is crying she runs over and says "Gino you need me? I'm right here!" " Gino you want me? Here I am!"
- Headed to SLO a few weekends back and we told her we were going to the beach. It started raining on the way and she said "how are we going to go to the beach?" and then we stopped at Harris Ranch, she gets out of the car and says " I dont see the beach" I'm always surprised at the observations at such a young age.
- I told Giada she had to eat a roll roll (which is a piece of deli meat rolled up, the name she picked up from her friend Dylan) she answers " are you serious, here I go, don't change your mind"