Thursday, November 3, 2011

Disney on Ice & Halloween!

This past weekend we went with the Bushalacchi's to Disney on Ice. My photos suck, but the kids had a great time. We did too and Pizza Rock before the show was yummy. Definitely rivals Hot Italian, but I think Hot Italian is still my favorite! Giada was excited to see Captain Hook & Tinkerbell her new favorite characters. I loved the animals of the Lion King series. Great to see you Bush's - glad you live closer!!

This year Auntie Kristen had the idea for us all to be Giants Super everyone chose different players or Orange/Black spirited outfits. So...Gino was Pablo"The Panda" Sandoval and Giada was "Lou Seal" The Giants Mascot! Her costume was challenging, but it worked out. Thanks mom for helping me make it!! As Giada would say she was "Mou Seal Mascot"

Every year we take our pictures with Bre at BW photography downtown while we trick or treat at the shops. The kids have a blast and Bre is patient with our growing group!

Giada and her buddy Dylan...I mean Cody Ross!
JZ as Brian Wilson.....he wouldn't keep the beard on but looked cute as ever!
Peyton the princess!
Saturday night we went to a Halloween Party...costumes below, some people are clever. Not me in the cowgirl outfit! Thanks mom and Jeanne for watching the kids. And yippee for Gino taking a bottle!

Jack and Jill ...after they rolled down the hill! lol!

Sunday - carving day! Painting for the kids. They would not both smile for a pick, but had a blast painting and running around. Funny to watch two kids paint with the same materials. Dylan was careful with one color at a time...Giada on the other hand, mixed them all together, was a total mess and had a brown pumpkin!

Mikes pumpkin carving is amazing. It takes him hours and he has so much patience while doing it. Here are this years creations!

On actual Halloween, we did a little trick or treating to family and friends before coming home to hand out candy. Mike's parents and sister/brother in law came over for our tradition of handing out candy and having dinner. So fun to have Gina and Scott living in town now!! Giada got so excited running to the door to see the kids. She would periodically say " I go check and see if there are more" and run out to the sidewalk to check out the scene. I'm pretty sure she ate only candy and nothing substantial that day....but it's only one day right!?!? I asked her how many pieces she had, her answer "2, 3, 4, 5, 6,"....atleast she is honest!

New glasses from Grandma Carol and Patsy
Trick or Treat!

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