Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gino 3 months, Giadaisms, & Harvest Party

Randoms from the week.....
Both of my kids LOVE bath time. Giada would stay in all night if I let her!
When I'm holding Gino, Giada likes to jump in my arms and say "you have 2 kids" or "you have both kids" and she thinks it's so funny when I carry them both. This time Gino was sleeping so she was pretend sleeping..even snoring!
We still go to gymnastics every week. The place has been undergoing a remodel, so we had some make up classes. We have been doing some at night with Frannie Avansino. So much fun to see her and Moni each week.
Giada loves jumping in the ball pit.
Mike has been wanting me to have Sydney shaved forever! I never wanted to do it but finally gave in. She seems to love it, but looks like a lab not a golden! But there is less hair shedding...which I love!
Where does the time go?? 3 months already! We had someone invade our photo-shoot once again!
Then she read him one of her favorite stories, which was super cute!
Thought it was funny to see how much bigger he has gotten...this is the newborn going home outfit. Not fitting quite so well anymore!

This past Saturday we had our Harvest Party. We spent a good deal of time at the ranch helping out to get ready. Needed some olive branches for the decor!

A sampling of the delicious foods made with the oil and vinegars inside....
And the delicious pizza outside!

Tasting Bar! Popcorn, caprese salad and ice cream bar!
Coldani Clan
Giada spent a great deal of time dancing to the band...or jumping rather...

They even gave her an instrument to play with at one point!
Great Grandma Barbara got a little Gino time before the party. ...
The rest of the night he was passed around in the arms of family and friends!
Gino update....3 months
-Very content unless he is hungry
-Still sleeps poorly...shocker!
- Started grabbing and playing with toys, puts his hands in his mouth a lot too
- Talking, smiling, laughing...
- Loves the Ergo Carrier
- Kicks his arms and hands constantly, which is what he did in the belly!

Giada update
- She walked up to me and said to Gino "best baby I've ever seen"
- Started an art class this week
- She started calling me "mama" not sure what happened to mom
- She tells Gino "don't give me one of those slobbery kisses"
- Taught Gino to give Eskimo kisses
- Always tells him " when you get bigger and bigger".... you can have a mango, you can have a cracker, etc etc
-She has a tendency to eat with her fingers sometimes because it's faster. So we started telling her what is a fork food, or finger food. So now she is constantly telling you what is a fork food, spoon food etc....not sure what we started, but it does work.
- Giada has been picking up Mikes running watch. She told me the other day " It says lots of letters, not time for nap" I just laughed

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