Monday, October 3, 2011

2 mon update, Giada goes to the zoo, mud & more!

One day this week Heather and I went on a walk to get coffee then took the kids to the park. Of course they find the only mud hole and would rather play there than the swings, slide etc! But they were occupied and we got to chat so fun morning all around!
This weekend was the Lodi Street Faire. We ventured out there Sunday morning with Matt, Steph, Mom and friends. Boy was Giada glad Matt came along! Not only did he give her a free ride on his shoulders, and get her a 10am snow cone...
They rode the tea cups...
And the big slide. Thanks uncle Matt!
Mike and I are both so lucky to have our parents in town. They get to see the kids on almost a daily basis. Saturday we need to do a MUCH overdue garage and yard cleaning. It is a little easier to do those things without Giada "helping" - so she went on an adventure with my mom to the zoo. She wanted to meet Mr. and Mrs. Micke.....
And after a summer of having me feed the Lorakeets apparently she fed them herself....3x...I don't believe it!!
Picnic lunch at the park too! Thanks mom for watching her and thanks Jeanne for watching her that night so we could go bowling with friends!!
Well I'm happy to report BlueFish is still alive. We found him like this one morning....Giada apparently gave him the whole food shaker and almost pulled him off the shelf. I'm surprised myself he didn't OD....but he seems alive and well.

Forgot to post the 2 month Gino pictures. It's fun to take them every month. This time we had an intruder on our photo shoot....
And usually I take a few before I turn the flash off....he always looks freaked out in the beginning about why again we are taking these...
BUT ...then you get a couple like these below. My new favorite pics!!

2 Month Stats
- Weight 12lbs .5 oz
- Height 22.25"
-Great baby, only seems upset when he is hungry. Finally took a bottle! We are continuing to work on that so I could maybe go to dinner kid less!
-Sleeps as I expected, bad like his sister. Up every hour/2 hours....BUT last 2 nights slept 3 hr stretches and even a 5 hr stretch so I'm hopeful!!
- Talks a lot to us when he is awake and has started smiling a ton which is so fun to see his face light up.
- Likes to be on his stomach like his sister did

Giada Updates and Giadaisms
-Continues music and gymnastics classes
- Learning to wink
- Doesn't think you can see her with your sun glasses on, so she is constantly telling you to remove them to watch her do something
-The other day told me " Look at me, I'm trying to be dangerous" - Not sure where she got that one!
-Imagination runs wild these days, love the stories she tells. There is also a lot of pretend. "We can pretend" she always says.
-Everything is "What'd you say mom?" OVER and OVER even when she gets a little old by the end of the day :)
- She is big these days on telling you to either tip toe with "Hummingbird feet" or march with "Elephant feet"
- She was stomping on something of mine and when I asked her what she was doing, and why she was crushing my stuff she said " Sorry I step on your basket, it happens" I just laughed, what can you say??
-Out of the blue she tells me "Bats fly at night"
- The kids caught a praying mantis at the lake. This one turned brown and the ones we have had in the past were green, so we were discussing camouflage...she says to me"So if I put something blue in there it will turn blue!"

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Sloan Family said...

Ok, the bottom picture of Gino is so, so cute! What a happy baby! Also loved the fish food in the bowl. We had to start hiding the food for Drew's fish for this very reason :) Too funny!