Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Play dates! Anniversary & Camping!

Happy Anniversary to us! 5 years. Giada and Mike got me these beautiful flowers. We had an oil event so we will celebrate soon...once Gino takes the bottle so we can have a night out!! SOON I hope! :)

I forgot a few pics from last week! Brooklyn and Dub came to play with us one afternoon. Thanks for making the trip down Dub! B is getting so big!

Like many...she wasn't so sure about Giadas hugs.......
She was much happier when Giada was on her own chair! As I've mentioned before Giada likes to tell everyone what she is doing. Mostly it's Gino, but if he isn't around it's "tell Sydney" "tell that tree" or in this case "Tell Gino and tell that baby!" I guess she forgot Brooklyn's name!

Also forgot to post this cute pic of Linds! At brunch a couple weekends back when the girls were visiting, Gino was sleeping so contently I left him with the girls while I ran Jen to the airport. He was fine and enjoyed his time with his aunties! He sure looks content to me!
Super Franks with Lorbers and Cuneos! Last week we headed to Pleasanton to meet the girls. Super Franks is such a fun place for kids. Many different rooms for the kids to play, chair/tables/couches for the parents. Food service, even beer/wine! They had Food Network on the big screen but apparently also run the Football games on the weekends. Check it out!!
Can't wait for the next one girls!

Gino spent most of his time asleep..
Then woke up to join the party.

Giada enjoyed the dress up clothes
Tali did too!
Emily is a doll and about to start walking...she was so close! The kids had fun in the black light room!
Baby McKella ....2 days apart from Gino!

Girls enjoyed one last ride before leaving.

Then we went to Sacramento Children's Museum with Dylan and Nico! Fun place, A LOT going on in there and crowded. Nico didn't make any of the pics ;(
Water table area was a fun element that most of these places don't have..
Kids enjoyed the arts and craft area...especially the wall painting!
Working on a painting project!
Giada loved putting these scarves in this wall of tubes that would then shoot them out like "rain" she kept saying.
Aubrey is almost 1!! I can't believe it!
Nicole had the week off so we went on a walk to Starbucks and the park one morning, what a nice time it was. I got to test out the Double Bob. It's WIDE! But the kids seem to like it, I went on a run later in the week too. If I stopped for a second, Giada would say "Mom why aren't you running!" and Gino would start crying, so that was motivating not to stop. Then it was trash day so lots of people had them on the sidewalk. This thing is so wide I would go into the street to avoid the cans. Giada was quick to tell me "Get out of the street, it's dangerous, lots of cars!" LOL!

We tried to have a camping weekend Memorial weekend....and it rained. We tried to have a camping weekend this weekend and it was SUPER windy!! But we managed to still have a great time. Lots of people stayed over this time which is always fun for the mornings. Lots of trailers, some in cars, and tents! Big fun!
Gino got some time with his aunties...
Giada did some fishing....with dad and Scott. Giada was so funny. Scott caught a big fish and Mike caught a small fish. She told Scott and anyone else who would listen, " catch a small fish like my dad" It was so cute because she was just so proud of him for catching the fish even though it sounded funny to request the smaller fish.

Courtney caught her 1st fish!!
Friends came to play...

Some even ventured out into the water.

Aunt Kim, Cousin Katie and Uncle John came for a visit last week! We got to hear about the Europe trip and see Katie before she headed to Boston. Thanks for the visit. Jackie we missed you !

Look I can sit in the Bumbo chair mom can't believe I'm old enough for that!

Giada enjoys sitting in it too now

It's been so hot and muggy the water table is still used on a daily basis!
Mike gave it a facelift and now it's good as new.
Finally he likes the swing.....but only for a few moments! If he doesn't start to like it soon, I'm getting this thing out of here, it takes up so much room!

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Joel and Vanessa said...

Wow Julie, Gino's getting so big. I love your comment about the swing. I feel that way about every child related thing in this house. ME: "If you don't start playing with your toys more, we're getting rid of them all." They love to take them ALL out and play with one ball. Your children are beautiful. I love to see them grow, if only by blog. :)