Monday, September 19, 2011

Giants Game, Thrive Photography Pics, & Grape Festival

I have to laugh each week. I think about what to put on the blog and think we didn't do much this week..... and then I look back .....things just come up! Last minute Giants tickets against the Padres. Game went into extra innings but the Giants get the win!! This is pretty much how Gino spent the game.
When my friends were visiting last week, Hager took a bunch of pictures of the kiddos. She has a photography business in San Diego - Thrive Photography - how fun it was to have her capture the weekend, wish I could have her everyday for the company and the photo taking!! Thanks Gar - it was hard to pick which ones to post...but here are a few.

We have some buckets in the backyard that hold balls, toys etc. Giada decided it was dirty and wanted to wash it off. So she dumped out all the toys and headed over to the hose....quickly the tub was filled with water and she decided it was hew new pool! She must have spent over an hour splashing around in there.'s smaller than you thought wasn't it....
This picture below I like because this is how some of my days are spent. Holding this peaceful little baby, while watching Giada play. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with the kids and watch them grow. But don't get any ideas...the day is not always this peaceful :)
Little Gino is growing up quickly!
Then we headed out to the lake to let Sydney take a swim....
And Giada to do some fishing.....or pretend fishing...she was trying to catch the minnows with her "fishing pole" aka stick!

There's another cute one with his tongue sticking out but I can't get it to post!!

This weekend, as all the locals know, was the Grape Festival. A once a year event in Lodi! I was at an oil event all weekend so Mike and Giada headed over for a day of fun. They fed all the animals at the bedding zoo....
Had a blast on the rides waving to everyone
And enjoyed some treats.
Mike said they went through the Reptile Exhibit 3x! They were told this guy is 20 years old.....and apparently Giada requested to hold the head!!!!! Crazy girl!
Jeanne and I were off to the Pleasanton Harvest Festival this weekend. It was a LONG 4 days, and not our best event to say the least. We took Gino with us, he is such an easy baby it made our job easy.

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