Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pickles, Applesauce, Friends Visit & Matt's Bday!

The past couple weeks we have done some canning. It was time for our annual pickle making. Our photos were lacking this year, but the pickles are yummy.

Our helper did more eating than helping....

Steph helped out this year now that she's "officially" in the family :)

Then we made applesauce with Dylan and his Grandma Susan.
Dylan loved turning the handle!!

Then the kids ran off to play, they were following each other all around that day and repeating everything one another said. It was hilarious. I forget who they were calling here but it was a lengthy conversation!!
New straw glasses!
It's been hot so we have been making Popsicles! This week watermelon basil..yumm!

This picture doesn't show a smile, but he loves his bath time, so content!
7 weeks!
This weekend Jen and Hager came to visit! I've been friends with them both since college and we always have a great time when we are together. Lots of laughs this weekend, thank you girls for making the trip!!

Giada shared her bed with Jen this weekend and got her to read some of her favorite books. Giada kept calling them her friends. " Where did my friends go" "What's that ladies name?" And of course I told her Hager's name was Hager and not Julie! Funny to hear a kid say "Oh Hager"
Gino got lots of time with his aunties!
Matt turns the big 2-8 this coming weekend, but we had the family celebration early.
Of course someone snuck in to help blow out the candles!
More photos from the weekend to come.....

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