Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend at Home!

Shocking I know....but we had a weekend at home with no plans!! We quickly filled it up with BBQ's with friends. Watching the Giants play was torturous but spending time with friends never disappoints!

Play date with Nico! This week we finally got together with Renee and Nico! It was a great afternoon in Rocklin, fun to check out their new place and a delicious lunch! Thanks Renee for having us, and thanks Marc for joining for lunch!!

Orange Friday!
Aubrey is getting so big! Crawling around and tipped over this tent - she is so adventurous!

I couldn't get this picture to turn, but Gino is getting so big 7 weeks and filling out.
He got to meet Auntie Moni!
Frannie is running all around now!

Giada and Dylan played so well together and tired themselves out in the ball pit!

Homemade popsicles ...yummy!
Giada and I invited ourselves over to Lindsay's to go swimming while the boys had a fantasy football draft and what a relaxing afternoon it was!!
Happy Birthday Pops! Mike was off doing oil stuff so we made a cake for Pops and headed over to sing to him! When we took the cake out of the oven Giada said "Cake is so yummy do you smell it in your nose?"

My uncle sent these cute pictures from the wedding last weekend! Kiddos look so grown up all dressed up!

Apparently she didn't want it sliced....but she did ask before she ate it, so that's half the battle .....right??

Happy and you know it??????

Giada Update
- She is very imaginative lately with her stories, they start with something, go onto to talk about everything she can think of and circle around to what she started with!
- The words she comes up with are funny to me...." I saw a squirrel and it was chattering somefing!"
-She picked up a package and said "read the letters"
I'm surprised that she recognizes the letters and is grasping that concept
- She is loving picking tomatoes from the garden. I love eating the cherry tomatoes, but every time she catches me she yells "No you can't eat the matoes they are for salad"
-Anyone that knows my dad knows he loves the movie 'Dancing with Wolves' - he has watched the Buffalo part with Giada many times. We were reading a book and when I asked what animal that was she answered "Buffalo tanka Indians call tanka"
-I forgot to mention last week....we were in Eugene driving around and all of a sudden Giada yells "Look mommy Wilson" By Wilson she means the Giants closer.....By Wilson she meant the guy walking down the street with a huge was pretty comical
- We have been watching the movie 'Little Mermaid' she keeps saying "Ariel is a nice singer".....I mean she must sound amazing considering all the singing she usually hears is mine!

Gino Update
- He is growing up and filling out, especially noticeable in her face
-Growing out of his newborn clothes, and diapers!
-Smiling and cooing much more, but I haven't captured either yet :(
-Awake more during the day
-Sleeping the same at night....2 hrs at a time, maybe a 3 hr stretch once in awhile and then hourly towards the early morning...I need to work on that!
-Neck and legs are so strong!

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