Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caitlyn Dean, Mud Run, Giants Game, Potty Training, Giada update

Well the blogger has changed...so this post is taking forever! Hope I can figure it out soon!

Caitlyn Rose Dean is here -April 11th  7lbs. 9 oz. 20 in. Adj and Eric did not know what they were having so what a surprise that it was a girl too!! (Which was my guess!) She is so sweet and I cannot wait to meet her. Sounds like things are going smooth at home, and Cianna is being an excellent big sister as expected! Much love from  Lodi!
Annual Giants game for Mel and Nat's birthdays!  Game was a little slow ...but the last couple innings had lots of action, and the G-Men win!
This weekend we tried the 1st Mud Run at Del Osso Farms. 
We all survived and had quite a bit of fun in the process!

Team Calivirgin!

Giada does lots of pretending and then tells me to take a picture. Here she was "napping at nanas"
Here she set up a ton of dolls and animals for "the show"  - "Blinkie" the big got his own stool.... he is special apparently. When I asked what was the "the show"  it was me having to pretend to be Blues Clues from Francesca's party....lol...not what I was expecting. I've since convinced her to do "the show"
It's that time of year in our area. Who would have thought...but this kid says"I sure love asparagus!"
Fun at the park with Stella

How much fun it is when you run into your BFF at the grocery store. G was so excited to see Peyton! Bre had this fun cart so G jumped in with her and off they went.
 I could hear them giggling aisles away!
 Giada is making BIG strides this week. She is POTTY TRAINED PEOPLE!! AWESOME it took me what felt like a million years to get to this point. But for the last 2 weeks we are only wearing underwear!  An occasional accident but we are on the right track. ALSO, not only is she letting me comb her hair but she let me braid it too! Little girl is growing up! And not a bad braid for my first attempt in probably 15 years.
Took the dogs to the lake again, dad and Giada went out for a ride! 
This weekend Giada got to play with Dylan! They have so much fun these days, chasing each-other around and pretending someone is the bad guy or the big bad wolf!
They were getting brave and wanted to jump off...so I made them a deal to do it one time. They did better than expected! 

SUMMERTIME is almost here!
What do you want? I'm trying to read this book here...  This blog was all about my sister...
 Maybe next week it will be an update on me! I'm 9 months old now!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Pics

Broke my phone last week...I felt so out of touch and took very few pictures too!! But quite a few back and forth trips to Aden Faire Mall meant fun for Giada!
Gino has been loving munching on crackers and real food more and more each day!

Nicole and the kids came by for dinner Friday night while the boys headed to opening day! Aubrey and Gino were having fun in the bus! Great to catch up but never enough time! :)
Giada has decided to get rid of the nap. So the bedtime has been earlier...which is great and weird at the same time. But this particular night, I heard her get up, playing in her room. A few minutes later the room was dark so I went to check on her. Sure enough, she had put her self to sleep. But....she had gone to sleep with accessories...sunglasses, necklace, rings...it was too funny!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sum Bday, Haircuts, Cat Visits, School Pictures, & Easter Fun

Happy Birthday Summie! Small group at dinner, but we went to Press Club in Sac and had tons of laughs. Always fun to try a new place and they did NOT disappoint....I would highly recommend it!

This week we headed to the salon for real haircuts. Giada is WAY better with letting me comb her hair but she only lets Steph cut her bangs unless we are at her salon....so off we went. I decided to chop my hair off too. I was trying to grow it out to donate but got impatient. Gino is always pulling on it and it's just a mess, I'm so happy I cut it! Thanks Steph!

Cat and Harper come to visit! Cat is a friend of mine from the Muir Hall Dorm Days at Cal Poly, she then met Jenny Fiori Williams in Spain and they became very good friends. So random that they met there and so fun because now when Cat comes to visit Jenny...I get to visit too! We took all the kiddos to the park for a picnic. Thanks for visiting Cat, great to see you!

We sat the boys down for a photo...
But Giada thought they wanted her in it too..
Gino saying hello to Landon
Caleb, Giada, Harper

School Pictures! Giada told me she smiled, but I didn't believe her! She has set the school picture photo bar pretty high with this one! I asked her about Tom the photographer she said "He was so funny their was a frog on his head and it fell off and then the frog was on his camera, he was so funny"

A couple kids missing, but it is a small class. Giada seems to really enjoy her time at school with Teachers Patty, Jan and new friends!
So Easter weekend was a busy one. We were busy Saturday morning so Giada spent some time at Nanas... they did some Easter egg dying!
Is it even Easter without the photo with the Easter Bunny? Giada was happy to jump up, say hello and talk about how he eats carrots...

Gino...he was a little unsure...Giada kept trying to tickle him to make him happy...
When we let him get down to crawl on the bench, he was much happier...oh and to lose the hat too!
Saturday night more Easter egg dying! Hilder and Sum stopped by so we conned them into helping.
Hilder kept messing with Giada and this great one was captured. "Hilder what are you doing?"

This is not a girl that keeps her colors separate....not in painting...not in play dough...not in egg dying!
The Easter Bunny stopped by our house. Gino is so small his Easter Basket doesn't quite compare...it didn't seem so bad until I looked back at the photos - lol!

Easter Bunny knew this girl likes to dress up...
Gino just liked chewing sister's stuff....
"Oooh Puss and Boots movie!"
Gino thinks everything is so funny...he always laughs, scrunches up his nose and snorts while laughing
Love my new chew toy
Look I found eggs!
We headed to the Coldani Family for brunch! Aunt Patsy enjoyed some time with Gino..
And Grandma Barbara enjoyed reading Giada the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!
I didn't take many pics that morning, sometimes we are better than others, but we snapped a family pic. Sure looks like my eyes are closed...terrible!
Fun on the ranch...Mike took Giada out to pet a baby calf....highlight of her day!
Headed to the Fuhrman side for dinner! Fun having both families in town but lots of running around. Also means more Easter Egg Hunts for Giada!
Up in the tree...she didn't mind climbing...
Through the roses....no trouble...
"What is pops doing?"
Ran and Bud joined us!
During the hunt Gino passed the time chewing things....you see a common theme here....he spends much of the day, chewing everything!
Also playing with Matt and Steph!
Happy Easter!!