Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Pics

Broke my phone last week...I felt so out of touch and took very few pictures too!! But quite a few back and forth trips to Aden Faire Mall meant fun for Giada!
Gino has been loving munching on crackers and real food more and more each day!

Nicole and the kids came by for dinner Friday night while the boys headed to opening day! Aubrey and Gino were having fun in the bus! Great to catch up but never enough time! :)
Giada has decided to get rid of the nap. So the bedtime has been earlier...which is great and weird at the same time. But this particular night, I heard her get up, playing in her room. A few minutes later the room was dark so I went to check on her. Sure enough, she had put her self to sleep. But....she had gone to sleep with accessories...sunglasses, necklace, rings...it was too funny!

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