Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caitlyn Dean, Mud Run, Giants Game, Potty Training, Giada update

Well the blogger has changed...so this post is taking forever! Hope I can figure it out soon!

Caitlyn Rose Dean is here -April 11th  7lbs. 9 oz. 20 in. Adj and Eric did not know what they were having so what a surprise that it was a girl too!! (Which was my guess!) She is so sweet and I cannot wait to meet her. Sounds like things are going smooth at home, and Cianna is being an excellent big sister as expected! Much love from  Lodi!
Annual Giants game for Mel and Nat's birthdays!  Game was a little slow ...but the last couple innings had lots of action, and the G-Men win!
This weekend we tried the 1st Mud Run at Del Osso Farms. 
We all survived and had quite a bit of fun in the process!

Team Calivirgin!

Giada does lots of pretending and then tells me to take a picture. Here she was "napping at nanas"
Here she set up a ton of dolls and animals for "the show"  - "Blinkie" the big got his own stool.... he is special apparently. When I asked what was the "the show"  it was me having to pretend to be Blues Clues from Francesca's party....lol...not what I was expecting. I've since convinced her to do "the show"
It's that time of year in our area. Who would have thought...but this kid says"I sure love asparagus!"
Fun at the park with Stella

How much fun it is when you run into your BFF at the grocery store. G was so excited to see Peyton! Bre had this fun cart so G jumped in with her and off they went.
 I could hear them giggling aisles away!
 Giada is making BIG strides this week. She is POTTY TRAINED PEOPLE!! AWESOME it took me what felt like a million years to get to this point. But for the last 2 weeks we are only wearing underwear!  An occasional accident but we are on the right track. ALSO, not only is she letting me comb her hair but she let me braid it too! Little girl is growing up! And not a bad braid for my first attempt in probably 15 years.
Took the dogs to the lake again, dad and Giada went out for a ride! 
This weekend Giada got to play with Dylan! They have so much fun these days, chasing each-other around and pretending someone is the bad guy or the big bad wolf!
They were getting brave and wanted to jump off...so I made them a deal to do it one time. They did better than expected! 

SUMMERTIME is almost here!
What do you want? I'm trying to read this book here...  This blog was all about my sister...
 Maybe next week it will be an update on me! I'm 9 months old now!


Unknown said...

So cute!! Congrats on the potty training one less size you have to buy! Such a beautiful family!

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