Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthdays, Stella's Shower, Gino 9 Months/Giadaisms, Burns Wedding & More!

This week at school they gave the kids all kinds of items (beads, wire, stickers, sticks, colored tape, foil). It was called Imagination Station. This was Giada's creation. It was fun to see what all the kids came up with. The teacher said she sat there for about 30 min working on her creation!
 Some how the stuffed animals accumulate! Every so often I donate a few when she isn't paying attention. Lately she has had more interest in them, talks to them, plays games with them. Here she requested I take her picture with them.  
 Happy Birthday Bre! What was supposed to be a bigger group of us heading to the Ports game for a fun night out, turned into bad weather and a quick dinner at Cactus...which then turned into celebrating/embarrassing Bre for her birthday! Either way the food was good and lots of laughs!

 This weekend we attended the Burns/Baker wedding. Joel is an AGR buddy of Mike's so it was like one big reunion. Fun to catch up with everyone. Kind of weird to be at Oak Farms again for a wedding since my brother and Steph were just married there, but it was completely different and fun to see how else it could be set up.  We also got to meet Chloe Barbera!

Yes, that is my camera case blocking the pic, and for all of you who make fun of me for my camera case...this is the first time it has been a I call user error on the photographer! lol!This weekend was also Steph's Baby Shower. Stella will be here before we know it.   It was a group effort, and we pulled it off. The weather was perfect and Sorelle Winery was a beautiful venue!

 Baby Pics.... Steph wasn't even sure if the pic of Matt was her or Matt! Guess they looked alike!

Kyla made some great diaper cakes! It's fun to get ideas on how other people make them!
 Guests - Friends and Family  - Thank you for coming!
My mom and her sisters!Gino was the only boy allowed. He was good as usual. Slept and played with everyone...including Nonni!
Lately we run out to the lake often to get these dogs some exercise! Giada loves running around, and we have had her practicing a bit for t-ball....lets just say it will be interesting. We caught Gino with his tongue out, his new favorite thing to do. And, Belle has finally ventured a little into the water. Just enough to grab the toy from Sydney that she swims way out in the lake to get! Gino taking a pacifier is helpful at the lake...if I put that in his mouth he eats less sand!

And before we knew it...Gino is 9 months old. I try to take the pictures each month in the same place and it's getting harder and you can clearly see!


So then we move to the chair....and he just keeps falling down in the chair and laughing...

Crawling on the diaper box is much more fun than these pictures!

 So we headed outside to swing and he was much happier!

We had been talking about it for awhile and finally did it. We signed up for the volleyball league. We had no idea what to expect. What we found was it was super fun. Competitive, which we like, quick games...some funky rules, but a good time. It was co-ed but we only had one guy on our team, and held our own when Scottie wasn't there.  We had about half that had played and half that hadn't...sure made me wish I had played in high school!  Way to go Guy and Dolls 33-13! Jeni- so great to meet you!

Our last game fell on Mel Wats birthday, so what better way to celebrate than singing to her at the gym and enjoying one of KR's delicious cupcakes. Let me know how it feels Mel...I'm quite a bit younger than you! ;)
And people wonder why the 2nd child is more calm....look what they have to deal with ...even in their sleep :)

Gino Ray
9 month stats
-Height 2' 4.5" 57%
-Weight 19 lbs 15 oz 38%
- We were thinking the kids were far apart in size, but the good ol blog shows me that Giada was only 1 lb heavier and 1/2 in taller at this point. Funny that it is hard for us to remember already!
- He is becoming a better eater, certainly only likes sweet stuff, loves all fruits, some veggies. I have tried to start giving him coarser foods...some beans, steamed fruits, he is particular about which puffs he likes too, hope he is not a picky eater!
- Doesn't mind the car, which is a nice change from his sister, but I'm sure liking the pacifier helps. He uses a pacifier if he is fussy, in the car, or tired, but it doesn't seem to help soothe him at night. He still doesn't get close to sleeping through the night. He sometimes goes a 4-5 hr chunk which I will take! I am trying to breastfeed him for a know equal opportunity for the kids :)
- Still only 2 bottom teeth, but the doctor said the top teeth are close to poking through!
- Likes to play peek a boo and slap his hands up and down on everything
- Easy to laugh and smile
- Sticks his tongue a lot lately
- He started making a new smacking sound
- He seems to mimic someone saying "hi" "bye" "da da" "ma ma" with a sound but nothing that is real just yet
- Has discovered the stairs and thinks it's so funny to climb them
- Follows his sister everywhere
- Enjoys baths and is ready to climb right out of that tub seat
- Definitely knows his name and responds to it
- Definitely doesn't like things being taken away from him,....which happens a lot in our house  - thanks to his sister
- Gino has had Roseola 2x now in the last month or so, so hopefully that is past us now!

Giada Michela ... Giadaisms
- Happy to report that potty training is still going well! Although it continues to be a constant topic of conversation. It could be anything from wanting us to look at "it" or telling us about it - "Sometimes my pee pee makes bubbles"  "I want to pee like Dylan and Seve"  "I'm all out of poop and pee" "this diaper feels like a brick, lets take it off and go to the potty" (She wears a pull up at night)  Honestly I could care less if she wants to talk about it as long as she goes! lol ....only one kid in diapers is awesome!
- She likes to tell you what is right and wrong.... it could be a word you are using, or telling Gino what to do. Gino was blowing raspberries and she said "we don't spit Gino, we don't want to get germs on me"
- "Dad we don't need to get a puppy, they are too wild and messy" We tried to explain to her it doesn't work that way. She said " we can take her back to the vet"
- " I told nana you were the best mom" always like to hear that one, and I remind myself she said it on the tough days :)
- Lately if I don't answer to "mom" quick enough its "mom jules mom jules" something weird about your child calling you by your name and not mom
- "Gino spit up, this is ridiculous"
- She loves going to school and will be sad when they are on summer break
- The no nap thing is hit/miss.... it's almost like she needs one every few days to charge back up!

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