Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthdays! (Mine, KR, Jude's), T-ball, Open House, & Mother's Day

Well folks, the day has come....for Giada to start playing sports! Tot T-ball or bust!
Giada is on a team with her buddies Dylan and Seve, which make it just as much fun for the parents, kids and fan club to watch.  Week 1 a parent was with almost every kid the entire time they were in the outfit and Giada shed some tears. You know for things like - being upset when she hits the ball and doesn't get to field it herself... But, week 2 MUCH better. Although the 3rd time they are batting or in the outfield, all the kids start losing is a LONG hour!

This was a week of birthdays!  Kristen and I celebrated the 29.3 this week!
 We spent a relaxing afternoon at the spa to celebrate KR...
And a delicious dinner with friends. Press Bistro in Sac was delicious once again and the gelato place around the corner - amazing! Fun night!For Mothers Day we had a relaxing day at home, a visit to see my mom and lunch with Mikes family.  Giada made me this card at school. I do like the tan she gave me!
Lucky me, with a birthday after Mother's Day I get 2 celebrations. After spending the day with the kids; Mike and I went out to dinner alone, which was rare and nice...then cake pops for dessert! Good start to the next year!

 This week was Giada's open house at her preschool. She was so excited to show us her work. Here are a few gems. She's undecided on her future - lol ....

 We celebrated Jude's bday this weekend. Amy had the Serpentarium come with animals which was SO much fun. I should have known Giada would enjoy holding every reptile they brought!!

 Busy weekend, Gino and I also attended a baseball themed baby shower for Cain.  The party planners did a great job- the theme was darling! Bre was showered with nice gifts, and we had a nice evening with lots of laughs!

 Nicole Grauman decided it was definitely time for Gino to have a cupcake....he seemed to enjoy it!

Randoms from the week. 
Giada wanted to be just like dad and threw on his "Tremari Ranch" hat! The Barberas would be proud!

Gino is making progress standing alone or with little assistance!

 Swings are fun!

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