Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tahoe, Red's Shower/Bette, Tball, Gymnastics - a week late!

Well folks it happened! A week without blogging and now I feel SO behind - lol!
Two weekends ago I headed to Tahoe with the Cal Poly Softball ladies for a weekend getaway! Thanks DS! Then it turned into celebrating Red's upcoming nuptials! So we added wedding shower and bachelorette party to the mix.  Good times had by all. Relaxing, beautiful weather and LOTS of laughs. I mean serious belly laughs. My abs hurt for the few days after returning home - NO joke! Thanks Jacks for setting up the casa!!

With this competitive group - lots of games were played. Flip cup, volleyball, over the line....below is a pick of the winning team ....except we can all agree Jackie was victorious in the over the line game!
Breakfast Wedding Shower

Yeah Red! Bachelorette night was "wiggin out"  - What I learned from my black haired wig....was that I will never be dying my hair that color!  Soon to be - Mrs. BRANCH - we look forward to celebrating the big day soon!

While I was away the kids had lots of fun without me! Giada spent the afternoon with Seve and Stella..

 And Gino looks like he was getting into mischief with Pops..

 I did miss a T-ball game... Giada wanted to wear her hat "just like dad" 

 Look at that form - lol


Eating is so much fun!

Seconds after she told me "I'm not tired for a nap" 

Gino is over watching his sister out there during gymnastics...he wants in on the action!

Giada showing off her skills!

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