Friday, June 1, 2012

Giadaisms, Gino's 10 months, End of Preschool, Graeagle

Giada has loved her time at Grace Preschool. They run on the school schedule, so she is off for the summer. She loves Miss Patty and Teacher Jan.  Last day of school was at the gymnastics place, so Gino got to join in on the fun too! Sorry Seve - Giada jumped in on your photo!
Play date at the park with the Mettlers and Archuletas!  We didn't think of a pic until Stella and Gino were already strapped in...and you can see how well that went anyway with 4 toddlers!
This past weekend we decided to get away and head to Graeagle, always relaxing there! We were planning to get some sun, play in the lake and outdoors, but mother nature had other plans.  It snowed, rained and was a winter weekend.  We managed to get out plenty with breaks in the rain!
A few visits with the bear, of course!

Gina and Scott were there too! Giada enjoyed making breakfast with Zia Gina and lots of games of memory and tattoos with Uncle Scott!

While walking around the Mill Pond, Giada made friends with a family fishing.  The dad let her reel in 3 rainbow trout - she was proud of her work.  

Pops decided to shave his goatee and mustache and let Giada do it! She had fun but the no mustache takes some adjustment! I think I've only ever seen my dad without a mustache 2x!

Belle is growing up too!

Shively's were in town so we met them to play at the park. The kids wouldn't pose for a pic, but we got Auntie to and it turned out cute! 
And before we knew it Gino is 10 weeks old! 
Pictures are now VERY hard as he doesn't want to sit still at all.

And he's off...

Then Giada comes over to "make him sit" went okay, until they fell over
 and started laughing hysterically!

She requested solo shots! lol!

10 Months
- 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 top now poking through)
-Yet to sleep through the night but continuing to make progress!
-Talks a ton but nothing real clear yet. Maybe a "ma ma" "da da" "hi" but I'm not convinced yet.
-Eating more solid foods: beans, chicken, noodles. Still really likes sweet flavors, so the summer fruits are really popular!
- Standing up really well by himself, I think he will be walking soon
- Loves water ; baths, swimming
- Very good tempered still and just enjoys following around his sister, playing and laughing
- Loves throwing balls and chasing them to just throw them again
- Gino will not wear hats or shoes...this will be a problem quickly

- "Lets see if it loaded down" (downloaded is what she means)
- "Mommy are you going to BBQ?" Yes why? "That's dangerous for a mommy"
- She will often go through her friends and tell you if they are boys or girls.... "Cooper, boy, Seve, boy, Peytons a girl"  then if you start asking her certain people, she has all kinds of answers. I asked, Nana? " She's a lady" what about Matt? " He's a guy!"  So I guess if she thinks you are older you are then a Lady/Guy and Boy/Girl is reserved for kids and her friends.
- Favorite phrases these days: " I have a swell idea" "That's Awesome!" "You bet ya"
- Very into peoples names..." Do you know my Nonno Steve?" "Nana is Carol" "Pops is your dad" "Mom, Jules" 
- "I'm your best daughter are I mom"
- Giada has lots to say about Belle these days:
      *"Get out of here black lab"
      * "Let's take this crazy dog back to the vet and get a new one"
      * "Ask me.. Giada, how'd you train that dog"  So I asked her that, and she responds "Just a couple       practice"
- "Shrimp is delicious!" I asked, you would have that every night wouldn't you? " Yes, it's the best food ever in the world"
- Giada knows her cousin Stella will be here soon and hugs Stephs belly
- Giada where are you going? "upstairs" What are you going to do up there? "Make a mess" At least she was honest
-" Why can boys have their shirts off and not girls?"  Really? I thought I had awhile before these questions started!
- "Dad we don't like the yankees but we like Gnocchi"

** I have some cute videos that wont post - annoying! I'll try again later!

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