Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gino's Climbing, Chloe Baptism

This little guy is getting brave and mischievous!
Sneaking in sisters room while she is sleeping and knocking everything off her side table..
 And he can no longer play alone....he climbs on everything ...dangerous boy!
 It's that time of year!
 Giada didn't want me to look and went in our closet and came out dressed like this...requesting we send a photo to dad...I'm sure he is proud :)
 This past weekend we headed to Petaluma for Chloe Barberas Baptism. 
It was a nice day, and good to see everyone. 
Chloe here with Godfather, Riley Chaney.
Gino taking the girls for a ride!

Giada had a fun day playing with Santina

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