Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oakland Zoo, Mom Retires, Lindsay's 30th, Gymnastics, & Pet update!

This week was another fun and busy one for us. Started off with my mom's retirement party.
Her teacher friends all got together for a day in the sun and to celebrate her 37 years of teaching. You will be missed at school I'm sure, but we are so glad you will be able to play with us more often. Giada and I attended the party for a yummy lunch, and a dip in the pool. Fun Monday!

Then on Wednesday we went to the Oakland Zoo. We met up with Renee, Nico, Jackie and Gianna. What a fun day. They carpooled over from Petaluma area so it was about the same distance for all of us. The kids enjoyed the animals, and we enjoyed catching up. We've decided to get together monthly for a new adventure!
The kids were excited to see a real life "Sophie"
As some of you know - I like to avoid a stroller as often as I can!! But I gave in for this day and am glad I did. She's getting heavy and can't walk for that many hours just yet!
The goats were a live petting zoo area. The kids could brush them, but of course not climb on the rocks which was all Nico and Giada wanted to do.

I thought this would be a great time for a photo but Giada apparently did not agree.
Nico Busalacchi

Gianna Bordessa

Mike had a birthday this week as well. A couple of Mike's buddies came over to help him celebrate and watch the Twins and Giants games. Neither game turned out with a win, but Dylan spent some time figuring out how to make the most out of this ball pit. My only hope is that Giada was not impressed and doesn't do it on a daily basis. Nicole and I thought it was pretty funny....until we had to pick up all 300 balls. :)

This weekend I went to Sacramento to meet up with Linds to help celebrate her entry into the 29.1 club. Good times at Riverside Clubhouse and Shady Lady! The morning came REALLY early as I headed back to Lodi for a 10K. Ill spare you the story of how the start to the race was 2 hours delayed....... none the less I got a morning run in and had a great night out with friends!
Every week we go to gymnastics class. It's so much fun and she gets all this energy out running around. It's parent tot so I can't really stop to take pics, but I tried to take this little video. It's not the best, but you get the idea. At the end of class she gets to run in this ball pit. She does it over and over, all the kids love it. Enjoy!
Syd and Giada enjoying the outdoors

Max enjoying the outdoors

Max has been pretty patient lately when Giada wants to play dress-up!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sesame St Live!, Swim lessons, Cuneo turns 30 & Father's Day

Hello again.
This week we came upon tickets to Sesame Street Live! I wouldn't have bought the tickets - thinking she was too young to enjoy those things just yet, and how wrong I was! Giada loved it, Dylan too. They danced the entire time. Pics were hard to get, since it was dark and the video didn't turn out so well, but so cute to watch them dance their butts off for almost 2 hours. Gave them snacks at intermission and they were recharged!

Loves giving hugs to me these days. Kept giving me them during the show - which I translated to "Thanks mom so much for bringing me here tonight!" :)

Balloons after the show. Our's didn't last long - the very next day she tried to eat Elmo's eyeball and Elmo went down quickly from there!

Then we were off to Redwood City on Friday for Cuneo's 30th surprise party. Good times. Jenny and the girls had a beautiful set-up and the girls were so good about sharing their toys with Giada and Dylan. Dylan was definitely outnumbered but didn't seem to mind. The boys all had a late night and most of them headed off to the US Open on Saturday- busy weekend.

How many college graduates does it take to light the heater?

Thanks again Jenny for having us over!

Then Sunday we had brunch with both families, Lindsay, and Matt's future in-laws too. Wasn't thinking and missed out on a group pic, but did catch one of Giada and Mike, as well as some photos we gave to Mike. They were too cute not to share. NJ(Nicole/Julie) photo studios had a fun time doing the photos- and got some funny outtakes too!

For the past 2 weeks we have been taking Mommy and Me swim lessons. We thought we would be with a bunch of people, but turns out it was just 2 other kids/parents and we knew them both. Kernals and Middletons -Bonus! Not the best instruction, but we did pick up a few things we can practice this summer. Giada can jump off the side of the pool(with assistance of course), be dunked underwater and doesn't seem to mind and hang on the wall- progress!

This week we also played with Bre and Peyton one morning - we love that our teacher friends are off for the summer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamie and Zac Wedding Weekend

The weekend was here for Jamie and Zac to tie the knot. We left for LA on Thursday and had a great time. I don't think Jamie would have changed a thing- the weekend went so smooth, was absolutely beautiful, and so much fun. (Despite hangovers and a 7am SPIN class!)

But before we left during packing....this happened....I guess she wanted to come with us!

Rehearsal Day!
On Friday morning Jamie and her mom surprised me and took me to a beautiful spa on the ocean for a pampering session. But, before we were pampered we had to work out...this is the Gelbart's after all and that comes first! :)

Pretty nails!

Enjoying our pedicures!!

And we're off to the rehearsal...let the fun begin!

Listen to Rabbi Laura!

The whole gang

Our beautiful bride

Last Night Single

Becca and Jason

Mike, Jen, Gary

Josh(Jamies Bro) and Sarah

Gena(Zac Sis) and Mr. Herndon

Moe and Debbi- Proud parents, thanks for everything!

In case we forgot who he was...

So we were all sitting innocently at the rehearsal dinner when Jen realized, it was ONLY 8:30 and announced we should all take shots- Petron it was and downhill from there!

As if we didn't have enough at the rehearsal...we were off to Pat's!
(Fun Divebar- think Bulls or Ollies)

What the heck...we'll switch to beer!

And then switch back to wine at the hotel - hangover here we come!!!

So after that long night, the SPIN class Jamie wanted everyone to take at 7 that next morning came REAL early! I wanted to pretend I didn't hear her when it was time to get up. But we rallied, and the teacher had a fun song mix ready for us. Mainly I was trying to not throw up- and mission accomplished, we powered through. Jen and I had some surprise outfits for Jamie and demanded she wear her veil!

This is how I really felt about the class.....

This is how I pretended to feel....

Our happy(crazy) bride working out before her wedding!!!

Sweatin to the 80's

The whole gang

Our beautiful bride

Table Decor

Zac and the ladies

Darling Ring Bearer

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Herndon!

Jewish Traditions

Mike and I

SLO Crew

They finally let loose......

When I'm out of town my mom and mother in law send photos of Giada to my phone. I love it. Here's what she was up to this weekend- looks like she had a good time too!

Great weekend!