Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend - Zoo and Giants Game

What crazy weather we have been having! I'm glad it held out for a beautiful weekend, sunny but not hot yet!! I'm not ready for those 100 degree days. It was so nice to have Mike around to play with us for 3 days. Trips to the dog park, lake, and many BBQ's were on the agenda.

Friday - Nicole had the day off and it was fun to play with her and Dylan. Off to Micke Grove Zoo we went- the Lorikeet exhibit was in town! Now I have a weird fear of birds, so please notice that I'm feeding the nectar and they are sitting on my arm!!!!!
I'm working hard on this fear!

Although the kids look scared and like they are not enjoying themselves, we promise they were. Everytime a bird flew near them Dylan would say "Whoa!" and Giada would say "Oh no!" it was so funny. We also got in trouble for putting them on this rock- but worth the photo opp- right!?

Too cool at lunch

Then that night we got to have dinner with the Kernals and Avansinos.
Francesca is growing so much!

Dylan gave Benito a LONG ride in the wagon - I was impressed how long he stayed in there!!

Giada taking Dylan's ride for a spin.

Playing at the lake

Sunday Mike and I joined some college friends for the Giants game. What a great game it was!! Extra innings, Giants win. And - tailgating before a Giants game - who knew that would be so fun. I only think of tailgating for football!

Dressed Giada in the appropriate gear before we left for the game!
Great seats...but still have never caught a foul ball!

Darling Cuneo Girls!

The girls

The boys

Kristen and I - gloves in hand....always ready for the foul ball.....

Our backyard wildflowers have finally bloomed!
Now just trying to keep these little hands from picking them all!!

Memorial Day- Giada and Peyton managed to find the mud puddle.
I think Giada ate more mud than chips!

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Name: Josh and Amy said...

Great to see you tonight --- farmer's market is so fun. I can't help myself from buying "sugar almonds" (the butter toffee variety!).

Here's the link to the etsy.com shop for the baby onesies: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flyduds?ga_search_query=flyduds&ga_search_type=seller_usernames. In case this link doesn't work, the sellers name is flyduds.