Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jamie's Bachelorette Party, Random Giada Pics, & Backyard Catch

And the 3 week countdown has begun.....to Jamie's wedding.
We celebrated this weekend in SLO. Well actually Avila Beach.
We rented a beach condo that was right on the main drag.

Our view from the deck.

Our beautiful bride

It was a great weekend full of laughs, cocktails, dancing and ALOT of physical activity. Those of you that know Jamie - know she likes to exercise. So we had a walk on the beach, a 4 mile run , and a hike up Bishop's Peak. Funny though, I was the only one who did all of those with her...am I crazy!!??

Friday night we had some dinner and drinks at the house before heading to SLO Brew for a Jackie Green concert. I had never heard him before- he is a Jack Johnson type I guess you could say, but it was good times, and Jamie was thrilled. Then we were off to Bulls of course (new Bulls not nearly as good as old Bulls), then one last stop before heading home. We had some issues with the ride home....so Sara and I had to run a mile(took off the heels and ran barefoot) to get a car(Sara was sober, don't worry), and then head to get the girls and back to Avila. And before we know it - a late night snack later, and its 4am. I had been up for 24hrs- Geez! I'm tired again thinking about it.
Jackie Green Show!

Jackie Green - Who by the way I didn't think fit his name at all!

Saturday Jen, Jamie and I had a nice walk along Avila Beach, it was a beautiful morning.

I promised Jamie a run that morning too, and after the fact was glad we went. We ran all through the campus, which was fun since they have made so many changes lately. And for you softball girls, we even ran FREDRICK'S! Good memories!! Then it was back to Avila for some beach time and getting ready before the wine festival.

Wine Festival
I'm not sure why in all these photos I look so huge, I didn't feel tall around the group. Or like Mike said when I showed him the photos.....yeah you are right, you look like the teacher in a photo with a group of 2nd graders. :)

Have an hour to kill before dinner....we might as well do some shopping - right girls?
Especially when the store continues to pour us vino!

After a LONG wait at dinner we headed back to SLO for some Firestone's instead, which of course never disappoints.

I crashed as soon as we got back, it had finally caught up to me.
Then Sunday morning we were off to hike Bishops. It was a beautiful day. I apologize again to Jen and Adj, I didn't remember the hike being that tough-honestly!
Carrie and baby Schafer- thanks for joining us!

Horses on the trail...

And we made it....

And before leaving SLO - I got a new computer! Whoo hoo for my new Mac! Mike was in town for an engagement party, so it was so nice not to have to drive alone.
Thanks again mom and Jeanne for watching Giada all weekend!!

Random pics of Giada from last week.
She climbed right up to the front to hear the story at library story time.

Reading to herself, in her bedroom, I thought it was too cute.

AND....look at this HUGE raccoon Mike caught in our backyard. This is what has been digging up my flowers, dragging them all around and eating all Syd's food. Don't worry animal lovers, he was released and probably causing trouble elsewhere!

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