Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day, Breast Cancer Run, KR Birthday, 15mo. check-up!

This weekend was the annual Breast Cancer run that we do in Sacramento every year and also birthday breakfast for Kristen and I. KR's 29.1 was on Sunday, and mine is quickly approaching on Friday. Thanks girls for coming out and celebrating our birthdays!!

At the run- team orange

At Fox and the Goose our annual breakfast spot. These serve a mean mimosa!
Nice double fisting Reich!

Thanks for the yummy cake Nat Dogg!

The whole gang

Sunday, as most of you know was mothers day! I spent the morning with my mom and then took her to a movie in the afternoon. Back-up plan - a somewhat predictable romantic comedy but good chick flick none the less.

In between those stops we went to celebrate with Mike's family and had a delicious brunch.

Mike made me dinner and I went to bed early. I love this girl, but she gets me up pretty early and throughout the night still. :(
I know I have mentioned before that Giada is a climber. Well not only does she like to climb on top of everything but in everything too. This one was a tight squeeze!
Well Giada had her 15 month check up. Here are a few stats & things she has been up to...

- 2' 8.5", she is tall 96 percentile
- weight has dropped a little percentage wise, which the doc said is normal once they are running sound so much, almost 24lbs and she feels heavy when you carry her around these days!
-head size is still big 47.4 cm - 87 percentile
- She had to have a few more shots, but she handles them pretty well , and is only upset for a short time.
- She is running around everywhere as fast as she can, walks on her tiptoes sometimes (she thinks its funny), and is trying to jump.
- Loves playing peek a boo and being chased.
- We started a parent- tot gymnastics and music class which have both been fun and gives her a chance to hang out with other kids and somewhat listen to a teacher.
-Loves pointing out body parts on you and on herself (ears, eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, belly button, feet, elbow) and giving kisses and Eskimo kisses.
- Starting to feed herself a little but its still at the VERY messy stage.
- Starting to say a few more words "more" is one of them. But she can certainly understand what you are asking her to do. Its been so interesting to see her developing.
- Loves milk, cheese, pasta, fruit, but is a pretty good eater overall. She definitely might love something one day and want nothing to do with it the next, but we can always find something she likes. And when she is done eating she tries to feed it all to Sydney so we have to keep a close eye on her. :)
- Still loves cuddling up with Sydney but is pretty mean to Max, who is still pretty tolerant - which surprises me.
- I wish I could tell you she has been sleeping well, but that is not the case. Doc said she has 3 teeth coming in, so maybe thats it- who knows!? For the past couple months she is back to waking up a few times a night. But the last 3 nights only once- improvement works for me!
-Loves brushing her teeth, and anyone elses for that matter, including her dolls and our pets.
-LOVES being outside and wishes she could be outside all day and at night, that one is sometimes a struggle, she is NOT happy when it's time to come inside.
-She also likes to put everything around your neck like a necklace. Any type of string or cord goes around her neck, ours or a stuffed animals.....we aren't sure where she got this one from.


Name: Josh and Amy said...

Very fun: I love the 29.1 birthday theme! Happy Birthday to you!

Julie Cannon said...

she's getting so big and her hair so long!

shivelys said...

I still get a tear when I miss someones birthday celebration. Can't wait to see you and Giada in a few weeks!