Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday, Avenue of the Vines, Weekly Giada pics!

Yet another busy week.
This past Friday I turned the big 3-0 or as we like to call it in Lodi the 29.1
So I decided I'd run a half marathon on Sunday- Avenue of the Vines and then have a few friends over for mimosa's and brunch.

Friday- I went to see Bodies Revealed, and went to a nice dinner in Sac. I was craving fish and McCormick and Schmick's did not dissapoint. I had wanted to see Bodies when it was here last time and missed out, and since it was back I figured I'd check it out. Interesting is the best word to describe it. Glad I saw it, not something I need to see again. But if you are a smoker, go see it. They have good lungs and bad, and a place for you to drop your cigarettes afterward when you decide to STOP smoking!! Encourage everyone to go check it out!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yet another cake..

Avenue of the Vines- 13.1 miles - starting and ending at Woodbridge Winery. Beautiful day, great weather, finished better than my March Shamrockin time, and I had the best cheering squad. Thanks girls you really helped keep me motivated!!

And I'm off...
Still feeling good...
And thats a rap!

Great to see this face after running for 2 hours!

These amazing girls biked all through Acampo meeting me every 2 miles with signs, hugs, encouragement and COLD water. I'm lucky to have such amazing friends!

Thanks Linds for all the help and yummy asparagus!
Dylan wanted to test out this - "riding the dog thing" Giada is always talking about. :)

Lucca came over to play
And so did PeytonGiada and Dylan continued to play well for hours, maybe they have finally bonded!
Lookin good D!
And another cake....
Thanks Reich both were SO yummy!

Diehl Family
Early one morning we played with the sand/water table.
I couldnt believe she kept the hat and glasses on- too cute!

Earlier this week we had a playdate with Lucca, Mateah, and Macie. Once Mateah started playing in the crib, they all wanted to do the same, and were jumping all around. Later in the the day we went to Mateah's bday party. Happy 4th birthday Mateah!

We also went to Kaili's birthday this week. Horse Theme! Happy 2nd birthday Kaili!Everyone got a chance to ride the saddleYeehaw!It's that time of year- yummy!
Giada loves jumping on this zebra, and this week has started giving rides to her dolls.


NORCAL MOM said...

So cute Jules!!! It cracks me up how many of the same clothes Gianna and Giada have, truly twins!!

Dean Family said...

Cute pics and your friends are amazing! Glad you had a nice bday weekend..see you in a few :)

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