Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roadtrip! (Post #2)

OK- so since I'm catching you up on life the past few weeks...the road trip deserves its own post. Jamie's wedding shower was in Redondo Beach this past Saturday so Giada and I took a trip to SLO and Venice on our way to the shower. She was great in the car even on the 6 hour drive home on Sunday!! Thanks everyone for hanging out and sharing your homes with us- good memories!!

Let's start with SLO. Went back to the old stomping grounds to hang out with Sara, Jackie , Carrie and kids. Funny the things you didnt know existed in that town when there weren't kids involved :)

There is this fun petting zoo/farm place in Avila. Although the animals might not have the best living conditions, they are certainly well fed. You can buy this mixed bag of lettuce and feed all the animals, and Giada had a blast - she loves animals.

Jackie never sends us photos of her family- so I took plenty while I was around!
Taylor and Jacob - hardly any family resemblance... :)

Some of the animals we came across at the "farm"

Jackie and her 3rd Chloe

Sara and Addy
Taylor climbing
Giada and Jake went back many times to feed the animals
Group shot!
Tough to get them all smiling- at least they are all looking- only Blake seems to be enjoying himself!
Well- it's official in a few short days I will leave my 20's and move onwards to the big 3-0. The girls surprised me with a little early celebration- yummy homemade ice cream cake! Jamie also had an ice cream cake for me in Redondo- loved these early celebrations and they know my love for ice cream cake- thanks girls!

Sooo many candles, good thing Taylor helped out!

After SLO we were off to Venice for more adventures with Auntie Jen. Stopped for lunch in Ventura to let Giada get out and run around- beautiful day it was at the beach.

Jen and I headed down Friday night to the beach to grab a pretzel and a beer. It was super windy but Giada was a trooper just hanging out, checking out all the birds, dogs and entertainment on the boardwalk of Venice!
How old are you?

Show me your teeth?

And your tongue?


Slides with Jen

Then Libby wanted to try too!

You know me, if I can fit in more than one visit when I'm somewhere I try to! So before we headed out of town we were able to see Lauren too. Farmers market was awesome, and the beach and park as well.
Swinging with Lauren

Group shot

Before we left we had to get a shot of Giada and her new friend Libby. Libby was so patient with her all weekend!
And the reason we were in town....Jamie and Zac's couples shower and the start of the wedding festivities!

The beautiful couple
Decor- with all our little touches to make our vegan friend happy! :)

Gift time
Lookin' good Zac

The kids enjoying the afternoon playing together...or rather taking what the other one has...

Happy Birthday Cianna! Have fun at your party this weekend!
The girls!

Giada had been carrying around flowers all day, and someone stuck this one in the ground, she tried so hard to pull it up, and I thought this face was classic!
Just me and the little lady! Great trip but glad to be home. Another busy weekend ahead!

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