Thursday, May 6, 2010

...And we are back (Post 1)

Hi Friends... Our computer was down...sorry for the delay, it's a two post catch up. Random pics below and our road trip photos in the next post.

Playing peek-a-boo in nana's artichokes!
Just test driving the motor home- we're going camping this summer....who's coming with us???

Also testing out my new camping chair....comfy!
Just hanging out at the ballpark after mom and dad's softball game. They won -whoo hoo!
Baseball season is here- and the Giants are off to a great start. Despite losing the game we attended, we had a great time and what a beautiful day it was in the city. The Lodi girls head to SF yearly to celebrate Nat and Mel's Bdays. Go Giants. Huummmm Baby!

Dylan and Giada have not yet decided they want to be best friends - despite the efforts of Nicole and I. But we are making progress. They sat in the wagon together without hitting one another, no hair pulling, and seeming to actually be enjoying the ride. We have high hopes they will play together friendly soon. :)
Then they even pulled eachother around in the wagon, too cute, Dylan was all excited to pull her around.

Asparagus Festival 2010
KR and I at the Great Spear-it Run

Giada and Dylan with Gus Spears

One afternoon the Bush's were in town so we were able to spend the afternoon hanging out with them and the Kernals too. We enjoy catching up and the kids enjoying testing out new toys that they arent used to playing with. One day we hope the Bush's are local so we can play more often!!

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