Monday, September 29, 2008

Mrs. Zulueta

Congratulations Marla and Jared!

This weekend was busy with wedding festivities!
Despite a change in reception location, the wedding went off without a hitch.
Marla looked beautiful and even got a couple at bats with the whiffle ball game that was going on outside, which was quite fitting
for my softball bride!

A few photos from the wedding.
Photo some of you may not know is of my brother Matt and his girlfriend Steph, he has been sad not to make the blog!
ALSO, a photo of Hilders boyfriend Kevin, he does exist! We havent seen him since February, hope we didnt scare him off again!!
Still need the one of the entire DP Crew, but that one wasn't with my camera.
Reich- was it with yours?

Sunday was filled with relaxing - a pick up game of whiffle ball "over the line" - the girls were almost victorious!
Of course some football watching, bumper pool and a bbq.
I surely crashed out at about 10, and had the best night sleep in awhile!

Almost 6 months, time is flying by, and the kicks are getting bigger, Sum felt one yesterday they can now be felt by the outside.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Max felt left out!

I know abnormal for 2 posts in one week, but Max felt left out he wasnt included in the pet photo op in the last post.

Mike hates cats and never wanted us to get one.
But, Halloween 3 years ago, I was giving candy to the trick or treaters and found him on the lawn. He was tiny! We fed and kept him and he has been the best cat. Comes and goes as he pleases, and even Mike has bonded with him now. Sydney was a puppy then too so they grew up together and are the best of friends.
Often we find them sleeping together in the morning.

Not a very creative name for an all black cat, but the suggestions Mike came up with were not appropriate!! :)

One day Jim McGary was on his way over, and Mike calls him Max, and he kept saying his name and for some reason it stuck, so thats how Max got his name. Thanks Jim!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Low Key Weekend!

Finally...we had somewhat of a low key weekend.

I had to work most of the day Saturday at this GO GREEN event for one of my clients. NOT fun, but glad its over with. Saturday night we had Taco Saturday and had a few people over for many games of bumper pool. And the weekend wouldnt be complete without driving around a few drunk people and a few trips to Jack in the Box, so mission accomplished there too.

Sunday I finally started registering. I took forever, I asked so many questions, the people at Goores are the best! But I got alot of the big items taken care so thats good. I really couldnt find a bedding I loved. Its all SO pink, or princess, butterflys etc. So I went with polk a dots, its pretty simple, and Im pretty happy with it. Of course the one I wanted was not going to be around much longer so...oh darn, I had to buy it all today! So, when the furniture arrives in a few weeks it will be fun to be able to put it all together. Now I just need to work on the room painting!

Not very many photos for this weekend, so you get one of Sydney, some of our crazy out of control garden, and our 1 pumpkin that is growing, hope it can make it until Halloween.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

Hello...almost 22 weeks and getting bigger by the day!
This weekend was busy as usual. Friday night we went to the Grape Festival, and it was better than expected. Saw a few peeps we hadnt seen in a long time, played some games, had a corndog and funnel cake...good times. Nick Kerns even won a bingo hand and his prize was a ham, it was hilarious! It was a late night, in bed by 3AM after my 3 trips to drop the drunkards off, the fun parts of being the DD :)

Then on Saturday Mike and I headed to Santa Cruz to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Its actually on the 16th, so we are celebrating a little early. We had beautiful weather, and a really nice trip. Went to the boardwalk, played minature golf (I won..whoo hoo!), walked on the beach, and watched the kite festival. I have never seen kites SO huge. We had great food while we were there, I highly recommend Cafe Lucio if you are ever in Santa Cruz. Amazing Italian food and the owner, Lucio, is a riot. Im guessing you will be able to tell which one he is in the photos. Overall great trip and glad we got away for a a couple days.

On our way home Sunday we stopped by the Kernals to wish Nick a Happy Birthday! Nicole and I finally took another belly photo. We realized Thor could be here any day and we hardly had any photos together!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marla Bachelorette

This weekend we were all in SF to celebrate with Marla for her upcoming wedding.
They have been together 10 years, and we are all glad they are finally getting hitched.
The day started off EARLY with some shopping in SF, then we had a little pre-party and played some games before we headed out on the town. We all wore shirts that said "The girls are out to mingle...for Marlas last night single" They were a hit. (Thanks Ashley!) Then we went to Firenze by Night for dinner. Pasta was amazing, it was just a little warm in the restaurant. SF folks don't know how to handle the warm weather. Then we were off to Apartment 24, great music, drinks and VIP area. (Thanks for the recommendation Sara!) Since we are crazy and didnt think that would be enough...we went to the Giants game on Sunday before heading home. Its a miracle the Giants killed the Pirates.

Overall great weekend. Only a few people got sick, but even with hangovers they managed to be champs at the game.

Nice work ladies, cant wait for the wedding in a few weeks.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

20 weeks!

Its a girl!!!

So crazy how in one second you find out. I surely couldnt tell from the photo but they say the right parts were there to distinguish. I could barely make out the head, good thing Im not an ultrasound technician! All the main organs were there.
Ive already gained 8 lbs...yikes!

Ill post the photos later, need to scan them in.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Surprise Surprise!
A weekend without a baby/wedding shower to attend!

This weekend we relaxed at Mikes family cabin in Graeagle, Ca. It is up in the mountains 45 minutes from Trukee or Reno, depending which way you give some of you an idea. We slept in both days and just relaxed.

Despite all the crazy waitresses we came across we had a great time.

Summer and I challenged Mike and Scott to many games while we were up there--minature golf, memory, Wii etc.-- and couldnt manage to win one! But despite our
losses we had a great trip.

We headed back Sunday night which was nice to have one day at home to get a few things done. We cleaned up the yard, had dinner with Mikes parents, and took Sydney to the dog park. I also went through a bunch of boxes that my mom decided needed to come to my house and get out of her attic. I was totally dreading it but it actually was fun going down memory lane - I saved about half the stuff and tossed the rest.

Mike trying to imitate my belly!

Except he can suck his back in! ;)