Monday, September 1, 2008


Surprise Surprise!
A weekend without a baby/wedding shower to attend!

This weekend we relaxed at Mikes family cabin in Graeagle, Ca. It is up in the mountains 45 minutes from Trukee or Reno, depending which way you give some of you an idea. We slept in both days and just relaxed.

Despite all the crazy waitresses we came across we had a great time.

Summer and I challenged Mike and Scott to many games while we were up there--minature golf, memory, Wii etc.-- and couldnt manage to win one! But despite our
losses we had a great trip.

We headed back Sunday night which was nice to have one day at home to get a few things done. We cleaned up the yard, had dinner with Mikes parents, and took Sydney to the dog park. I also went through a bunch of boxes that my mom decided needed to come to my house and get out of her attic. I was totally dreading it but it actually was fun going down memory lane - I saved about half the stuff and tossed the rest.

Mike trying to imitate my belly!

Except he can suck his back in! ;)

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