Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marla Bachelorette

This weekend we were all in SF to celebrate with Marla for her upcoming wedding.
They have been together 10 years, and we are all glad they are finally getting hitched.
The day started off EARLY with some shopping in SF, then we had a little pre-party and played some games before we headed out on the town. We all wore shirts that said "The girls are out to mingle...for Marlas last night single" They were a hit. (Thanks Ashley!) Then we went to Firenze by Night for dinner. Pasta was amazing, it was just a little warm in the restaurant. SF folks don't know how to handle the warm weather. Then we were off to Apartment 24, great music, drinks and VIP area. (Thanks for the recommendation Sara!) Since we are crazy and didnt think that would be enough...we went to the Giants game on Sunday before heading home. Its a miracle the Giants killed the Pirates.

Overall great weekend. Only a few people got sick, but even with hangovers they managed to be champs at the game.

Nice work ladies, cant wait for the wedding in a few weeks.


Julie Cannon said...

looks like fun! pass along my congrats to marla...that is awesome! p.s...bump is getting bigger!

Sara Parr said...

Wow, my very own shout-out! I'm touched (wiping away a tear...) You guys all look GREAT! Love the SF hat with a veil!