Monday, September 22, 2008

Max felt left out!

I know abnormal for 2 posts in one week, but Max felt left out he wasnt included in the pet photo op in the last post.

Mike hates cats and never wanted us to get one.
But, Halloween 3 years ago, I was giving candy to the trick or treaters and found him on the lawn. He was tiny! We fed and kept him and he has been the best cat. Comes and goes as he pleases, and even Mike has bonded with him now. Sydney was a puppy then too so they grew up together and are the best of friends.
Often we find them sleeping together in the morning.

Not a very creative name for an all black cat, but the suggestions Mike came up with were not appropriate!! :)

One day Jim McGary was on his way over, and Mike calls him Max, and he kept saying his name and for some reason it stuck, so thats how Max got his name. Thanks Jim!

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Julie Cannon said...

well max better get used to it b/c when you have that baby of yours he will be even further down the list!