Sunday, September 21, 2008

Low Key Weekend!

Finally...we had somewhat of a low key weekend.

I had to work most of the day Saturday at this GO GREEN event for one of my clients. NOT fun, but glad its over with. Saturday night we had Taco Saturday and had a few people over for many games of bumper pool. And the weekend wouldnt be complete without driving around a few drunk people and a few trips to Jack in the Box, so mission accomplished there too.

Sunday I finally started registering. I took forever, I asked so many questions, the people at Goores are the best! But I got alot of the big items taken care so thats good. I really couldnt find a bedding I loved. Its all SO pink, or princess, butterflys etc. So I went with polk a dots, its pretty simple, and Im pretty happy with it. Of course the one I wanted was not going to be around much longer so...oh darn, I had to buy it all today! So, when the furniture arrives in a few weeks it will be fun to be able to put it all together. Now I just need to work on the room painting!

Not very many photos for this weekend, so you get one of Sydney, some of our crazy out of control garden, and our 1 pumpkin that is growing, hope it can make it until Halloween.

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jaq21 said...

Oh i cant wait to see the bedding, sounds cute! i agree, girl bedding is hard, lots of pink and fringe!! :)