Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

Hello...almost 22 weeks and getting bigger by the day!
This weekend was busy as usual. Friday night we went to the Grape Festival, and it was better than expected. Saw a few peeps we hadnt seen in a long time, played some games, had a corndog and funnel cake...good times. Nick Kerns even won a bingo hand and his prize was a ham, it was hilarious! It was a late night, in bed by 3AM after my 3 trips to drop the drunkards off, the fun parts of being the DD :)

Then on Saturday Mike and I headed to Santa Cruz to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Its actually on the 16th, so we are celebrating a little early. We had beautiful weather, and a really nice trip. Went to the boardwalk, played minature golf (I won..whoo hoo!), walked on the beach, and watched the kite festival. I have never seen kites SO huge. We had great food while we were there, I highly recommend Cafe Lucio if you are ever in Santa Cruz. Amazing Italian food and the owner, Lucio, is a riot. Im guessing you will be able to tell which one he is in the photos. Overall great trip and glad we got away for a a couple days.

On our way home Sunday we stopped by the Kernals to wish Nick a Happy Birthday! Nicole and I finally took another belly photo. We realized Thor could be here any day and we hardly had any photos together!!


Julie Cannon said...'re really getting a belly...awesome!!! glad you had a good weekend away...couldn't tell which one Lucio was though...:)

Sara Parr said...

OK, I'm being sentimental this morning...those pics with Nicole really are priceless. Happy Anniversary!

Michele said...

Ok, really Julie you look super cute! Happy Anniversary!