Monday, June 7, 2010

Twin's Game & Fun in the Sun

This week we went to our annual Twin's game. Mike is a big fan and we have only been able to get back to Minnesota once, so seeing them play the A's is the next best thing. There is a large number if Twins fans at the game too so that is always fun. Better yet we beat the A's in extra innings! It was a fun night out with Bre and Trent, and of course making friendly bets with the A's fan Trent all game long. GO TWINS! (Go Giants!)

Giada and I went on a picnic to Oak Grove park with the Avansino girls. It was fun to meet up with Moni and Stacy. Ray Ray couldn't wait to feed the ducks! They are kind of aggressive, I think they are used to being fed all the time!!

Little Francesca enjoying the sun!
Giada and I also joined Kristen and Jason for Farmers Market this week. I love this time of year. We enjoyed strolling around and eating the Guontone's pizza finally. Yumm! Giada was having so much fun swinging around this pole!
Summertime pics. This local photographer had a summer backdrop set for photos. You never know how cheesy these things may turn out, but I liked this one and Giada cooperated too!
She enjoys laying down now, and laid down right on this towel like
she was sun funny.
Backyard pool, it's been heating up these days!
16 Months
Giada is just growing like a weed. She is a good eater, and loves being outside. Often one of the only reasons she is upset, is because we want to come inside for a bit. LOVES broccoli, any fruit, black beans, olives and feeding herself yogurt, which I'm sure you can imagine what a mess that makes. Good thing mom is a good sport. No pictures but she does enjoy her gymnastics class, especially the trampolines. She is grabbing our hands now to walk us all around wherever she wants to go, and is sleeping through the night!!!! FINALLY!! I think we are working on a few more teeth, so it will be nice when those pop through. She is talking up a storm, can definitely say Syd and Max, pretty good at Dylan(at least we know what she means) and gets the first letter of many more words. It's so fun to watch her grow. I feel so fortunate to be home with her every day!

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