Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So...Giada does not like her hair brushed...every few days I have to force it. We are trying a new plan - after bath, she takes the brush to Mike and sometimes she lets him brush it. Either way we get a lot of resistance. Her hair is getting long, and is half curly- half straight. We thought that maybe if we went to Stephs salon she would think it was a fun adventure and let Steph trim her hair, rather than where we normally do it, in our kitchen! Thats a perk of having a sister in law who does hair - haircuts in the comfort of your own home.
Anyway...the plan worked!!
The ponytail the day before the hair cut was especially bad!

She sat so still for the shampoo...

Sitting pretty still, but getting restless....so we moved to the floor!
Thanks Auntie!
This weekend Calivirgin was at the Lodi Treasure Island Wine Show. It was a fun event, and always neat to see the Blue Angels show that was going on all day. Gino of course tagged along with us. He is a trooper on all our oil trips. He was so smiley all day, but not for our pic!
Giada spent the day with nana while we were away...they headed off to the Japanese Gardens and a picnic in the park. This kid has no shortage of fun!
Giadas been very into hiding lately. Usually she makes some sort of animal noise or scream to help you find her.
Lately I have been on an organiziation mode! I have given away so much! Closets cleaned out, drawers in all rooms and the playroom!! Giada was "helping" as she pulled things out of the Goodwill pile that she insisted she needed...... so I just put them back in the pile when she wasn't looking :)

In the process of cleaning the playroom I took some toys up to her room since she has been playing in her room more, and now she thinks they are new! Before nap one day she had to rock her baby to sleep first.

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