Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here it is....

Forgot to post this one last week too from our BW Photography photo shoot!

This week flew by, as does every week. We are in full swing of harvest, so Mike is very busy. I shouldn't complain as our harvest is only a few weeks compared to the months long grape harvest! This past weekend we also had another oil harvest festival. These are long 4 day events.....only 1 more to go, we will all be happy when those are finished up!!

Only took a few pics this week....here they are, including Gino's 4 month update, and a funny thing that a certain 3yr old said this week!

Gino is a big boy now - playing with toys for longer periods of time.

Now like most kids...they have their grandparents wrapped around their fingers...Giada is no different with her pops. She said the beard was scratchy.....so off it came!

Oh the double BOB...anyone who knows me well, knows I despise strollers and avoid them at all costs!! So the double BOB seems extra huge to me, but necessary - I realize! Well I have only ran a few times with it, so I signed up for a Thanksgiving 5K and the Shamrockin Half Marathon in March.....to try and inspire myself to run. Since it gets dark at 4:30 these days I can't wait for Mike to get him and run alone...so off we go! The first time out all these funny things happened I forgot to share. First off, I was a few blocks away and realized I didn't have a sports bra on but rather a nursing tank top....for those of you unfamiliar...that means ZERO support. But, I was too lazy to go back and decided to tough it out, it was only 2 miles I was going to attempt to run. Then I realize I'm the girl I make fun of running with her hair down! I had forgotten a hair tie. I tried to persuade Giada to let me take her hair down to use hers....and that was going no where. So now I'm the girl running un- supported on top and hair flowing in the wind! And as if things were already not going well Giada requested "her music" - I was playing it on speaker so we could all hear....and let me tell you running to the Toddler station on Pandora is NOT motivating. Well the run was not going well, I realized I was more out of shape than I had hoped, so about a mile in I was going to stop for a minute to grab a drink of water....as I did Giada says "Mom, why aren't you running" and Gino started crying. So off I ran. I did make it the 2 miles and haven't given up on the double BOB...BUT...when I ran the other day and they both fell asleep.....it was a nice peaceful run! :)
Playing around after bath!
The good ol monthly pics....they have already started to get challenging..... they all go downhill from here once he starts squirming around!!

Gino 4 Month Stats
- 14lbs 9.5 oz (43%)
- 25.6" (71%)
- Everyone says he looks so big, but actually he isn't so large on the charts, but growing that's for sure
- Still wakes up a TON at night, which we are working on!!
-Drooling a ton, but no teeth yet

-She is saying things such as "The most ridiculous thing I ever seen!" She doesn't say ridiculous very clear so its even funnier
- Potty Training :(


Michelle Haviland said...

I am so glad I'm not alone in this "potty training" thing....Jackson will be 3 in December & we are not even close. My Pediatrician gave me some good advice: He said you can start at 2 years & end closer to 3 1/2 years or start at 3 years and end at 3 years. He told me smart, confident, "do it myself" kids are really the hardest to train. J & G sound very similar! He told me stop talking about it, ignore & start in spring. Yesterday he asked to use the potty...ugh this kid! Hang in there :)

Rhames Family said...

I def hear you on the wiggling around for the month by month pics, this month for 7 months was by far the hardest!