Sunday, November 6, 2011

SLO Alumni Weekend

Girls dinner this week for Evie's to catch up with the girls and have a delicious dinner at Cafeteria 15L. We couldn't take a pic that night without our zombie eyes! :(

This weekend was the annual trip to SLO for softball alumni weekend. Most all of our friends make it each year and it's a great time to catch up this year we had a big turn out but were missing Nessa!!! Of course it's fun to bring the kids and let them all play together, since we don't see each other often, but it makes for a different trip. Maybe we will do every other year with kids. :)

Another important thing to do while in SLO is eat at all the favorite sports. This time we managed our first lunch at Konas. They rebuilt after the original burned down- Hillary it reminded us of all our days spent working there. The same popular sandwiches were there with some new additions! And yes, I was the dork who told them I used to work there....they didn't care, and said that it happens all the time. :)

Randomly the Avansino's were in town for Moni's work and their anniversary. So we met them at the beach for a bit. The girls enjoyed running around despite the rain and COLD weather. We walked the pier and Giada loved seeing some sea lions swim around! I always call her Frannie, and as Giada says " Her name is Francesca not Frannie!"
Then we headed down the street for hot chocolate and the girls ended up with ice cream then lollipops! Isn't vacation fun!?!? And I found a new favorite Peppermint latte!! Why did I only think Peppermint could go in a mocha! I'm in love with my new latte!

We spent Friday night at Freitas house there were a TON of people and kids running around - thanks for letting us take over your house Jacks!

Saturday before the game we headed to the Avila Barn with the Clarins. It's such a cute place. The kids got to feed animals, enjoy a hay ride, and eat some roasted corn!

The kids were smiley- playing around at the hotel..."our house" as Giada called it!
Our friend group at Alumni Game
Current players at past alumni in attendance!
Giada watched the game ....for about 12 seconds...
Then spent the rest of the time running around...
After the game of course we had to hit Firestone for lunch! Both kids were passed out, hard to believe they could sleep with all that noise. The food there never disappoints. Then it was off to happy hour at our hotel before the girls hit the town. We were able to snag a few pics before they took off to "make memories" - We headed to Tahoe Joes! Loved all our meals while we were in town.
Thanks Zac for entertaining Giada during Happy Hour!!
On the way home we stopped to get some snacks. Giada picked out this gummy alligator for me. It was huge! She never ended up eating it, but would pet it, have it drive on the steering wheel with me, and she fed it some crackers too. This alligator was living the life in our car!
Gino looks pretty small in Giadas chair but is becoming a big boy! He was of course great in the car and on the trip. As long as he is fed, he is a happy boy!

Great weekend girls!! Until next year....or until you make that trip to Lodi ;)

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The Clarin Ohana said...

Love the pics from the barn! Thanks for making time to hang out!