Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Light Parade, Mother Daughter Party, Santa Visit

Love the holidays and all the activities that come with it!
Started December off with the light parade. Always a fun tradition downtown Lodi. Not too cold out this year, and fun that the Shively's were in town from Oregon.

Case was a good sport and the die hard Bears fan wore the Niner hat after losing a bet to Kristen and I. GO NINERS!!

Seems we were winning sports bets lately. Mike had a bet with Trent for the A's vs Twins..so they Diehls made us a great dinner and the girls got to play. Peyton is growing up!! Go TWINS!

Annual "Sarah's in town Christmas Tree Run"
Lindsay and Terri hosted the Mother Daughter Party this year. Good time had by all!

The infamous tree from the Graeagle trip, finally decorated and so far Giada hasn't pulled it down!

Visit with Santa....."I'm not so sure about this guy mom......"
"Don't even think of making me sit with him...."

"Of course I'm fine if you sit with me!" (Poor Santa might have had a crushed leg!!)

Holiday Pictures!
One of the pics from the 10 month photos, never did the 9 month as planned

Giada LOVES to hug everything now it's so cute. Dog, toys, people!


Name: Josh and Amy said...

Hi Julie! I love checking out your blog whenever I see it on Alyson or Jenny Penner's blog list. (Does that make me a blog-stalker?) Giada is a doll - so cute! Happy to see you're doing well. And Merry Christmas!
- Amy Elson (Sherblon)

Mettler's said...

Great update! Love the pics! Giada is such a cutie!

shivelys said...

Case will NOT be thrilled he made the blog in the 49er hat! hehe I lOVE it!