Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cathing up...Thanksgiving Post

I'm catching up...here is the Thanksgiving post.

Gelbart continued the tradition and visited us on Thanksgiving again this year. Fun to keep the tradition alive and makes me happy that Zac's family is from Sacramento so I get to see her often. Plus for you Zac! We did a little bridesmaid dress shopping but I'll keep those photos under wraps for those of you attending the wedding next June. Giada did some playing at Nana's house while we were dress shopping!

Stopping to smell the flowers! (try to ignore her first boo-boo on her forehead!)

Then we did the annual Thanksgiving run. Lindsay and Jaime joined me....it wasn't the same without you Reich! Jaime convinced me to run 6 miles...which I haven't done since May 2008!!
But, it went better than expected and I made it the whole way without walking. However, I COULD NOT walk for the next 2 days - my ankles to my thighs were in pain. ...and I haven't run since. :)

Dinner Wed night with my fam, and Thursday Thanksgiving lunch with Mike's fam. Always fun to see the family and catch up!Then we were off to Graeagle with my parents, Matt and Steph. It was their first time up there and fun to show them around. We did lots of relaxing and eating. We had QUITE the adventure getting the trees. I thought it would be fun to go cut our own trees this year. We'd take a cute family photo cutting Giada's first tree...WRONG. Quick story is...the truck was sliding off the snowy mountain more than once, had to be towed by the other car and had to drive backwards down the mountain, then we almost rear ended the other car. Quite the day, we couldn't wait to get safely to Truckee and have a beer!!!

It's snowing!The boys getting our trees! Thanks Matt and Mike!Thanks to Giada I was able to stay warm in the car some of the time.Doesn't my dad look thrilled with my idea to cut trees! :)Think it was safe to drive with the huge trees hanging out the back of the car??Matt's puppies are getting so big!!

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