Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catching up...San Diego, Marla's Shower..and more!

Well....I think this is the first time in the last 2 years that I've gone this long without a post. Sorry for the delay the last few weeks have been SUPER busy.

So here is post 1 and I'll do post 2 tomorrow with the Thanksgiving update.

Past few weeks events....

Marla's baby shower, turned out to be a beautiful evening. Marla was showered with wonderful things for Jared Jr., who we all can't wait to meet in January.

The Decor
Jeanne and I poured oil and vinegar at Abundance Winery for "The First Sip" tasting event a few weekends ago. Saturday was much busier than Sunday, but overall a success. Looked like everyone was having a good time. Next year maybe I'll enjoy the event and do the wine tasting one day and oil tasting the other!

My good friend Julie Cannon(Hager) was in town for a few days and we had the pleasure of taking her to her first(and probably last) Biroldi feed in Linden with the Avansino's. I can't say I love it either, but once a year - it's a good time had by all. While Julie was in town we also took family photos too. Giada was a champ considering she had her first fever and cold that week....and it was 30 degrees out the morning we did the photos. Ill post some soon. Thanks again Jul for taking them. A couple pics of Giada pretending to drive...she loves it.

Then we were off to San Diego to pour oil and vinegar at the San Diego Food and Wine Festival. It was a beautiful weekend and great time to catch up with family and friends while we were in town. We always try to fit everyone in, the visits were nice, although short! My mom came along with us and spent the weekend with her siblings and took care of Giada while we were at the event. They hit up the famous Merry Go Round too! Giada was great on the plane and slept both directions!
Mike, Scott, Gina and I at the booth
Our beautiful view from the booth

Breakfast with the Dean's and Filice's
A day in San Diego with Nana MacLaggan Crew(some of)Random pics from the week....

Library with Nana

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