Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 months old! Busy week and Boob comments!

Wow, hard to believe that my baby is 2 months old already.
She had her 2 month check up and shots yesterday. Very hard to see her so upset from the shots, but today she seems to be back to her old self. She is 12lbs 3 oz - 23 inches already...big girl!(Dylan watch out, she may pass you up!) She is cooing now and making noises which is fun. You feel like she is talking back to you and the interaction is great, the smiles are more often which is awesome. She has discovered her feet and is constantly kicking them around.

Last week the bathroom remodel continued so we are out and about all week. We spent some time at the Kerns, both grandparents, Mike's office and running lots of errands. Cant wait to have our house back!

Rainforest Swing at Nonna's

Gina and Scott were in town this weekend so we had a family dinner to celebrate Steves birthday early.(Mikes Dad) It was great to see everyone.

Aunt Gina

Uncle Scott

Great Aunt Patsy

We finally got a photo of the whole fam!

Sarah and Conner came to visit us on Sarah's spring break, it was great to see them. Conner is a Case mini-me. Thanks for making the trip Jane!

There has been LOTS of basketball on this week. A few of us always make brackets and bet against the boys...mine is so so this year...it's not looking good for the girls, but it is March Madness, anything can happen! We had a softball practice for our slow pitch team which is starting in a few weeks. It will be fun to get together with everyone but we look like the bad news bears! I also went to that self serve dog wash place to wash Sydney and it was pretty good, I highly recommend it. By the way, Sydney is in heat if there is a male golden retreiver out there, we need one to breed with her and arent having any luck!

Last but not least the boobs! This might be too much info, but oh well. As anyone who knows me could easily tell I've always had small boobs. Every small boobed girl wonders what it would be like to have big boobs or a boob job. I will have to say before anyone has a boob job they should see how the nursing thing goes. Maybe Im just not used to them yet, but I'm NOT a fan. When you exercise, they bounce ALL around and it is very uncomfortable.(I really feel for Nat and Nicole now!) And during the entire day they are poking out under your armpits and bumping your arms. It just turns out I don't like them and would never get a boob job. Although they are good for one thing...they do help offset the muffin top that I have going on at the waistline. Maybe I'll rethink that one day when they sag after nursing...but for now, I think they are no good!!

This week I wore my first pair of shoes! (wanted her to wear them before she grew out of them)

Happy St Patricks Day! (we did some napping that day and lunch with Nicole and her mom!)


Sara Parr said...

Amen sister!

The Kerns said...

I just laughed out loud. She is getting so big! Love the "napping" photo :)

The Honore's said...

Love the leopard shoes!!! What brand are they? they are adorable!!

NorCal Chavis Tribe said...

As a fellow small boobed girl, I hated them too! But now that they are gone (& I am left with what you are left with after nursing - NOTHING!) I really miss 'em. Gianna is precious BTW!

shivelys said...

Could you get any worse of a picture of me on your blog...I look like a freak!!! Love that you got the photo of Conner pre barf! Yah the boobies are large. I HATED that part too. However, it's kind of a toss up between milk boobs and saggy boobs...they both suck!!!!

The HDB 5's said...

She is so so cute! LOL with the boobs. I'm already up 2 sizes and am not quite sure what to do with myself. Once I'm nursing I guess I'm doomed. I know you're going to start running soon, so if you find a good way to strap em down, let me know about it.

Dean Family said...

Fuhrman you crack me up..I guess I should be nervous in that my boobs have always been kind of a normal size..does that mean I will be wishing I could get a reduction??..haha. Giada is looking adorable as always. Can't wait to see you both next weekend!

Melissa said...

Now you know how it feels. We'll have to take bets on mine if I ever have a child. No station wagons and car seats right now!!

溫嵐Landy said...

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